15 Simply Scrumptious Sugar Scrubs

We’ve gathered together the most gorgeous, fragrant, and fun homemade body scrub to share with you today. Whether you’re using these body scrub recipes for yourself or as a gift, there is a fragrant and amazing smelling sugar scrub for everyone!

We hope you love these homemade sugar scrubs!

Sugar Scrubs

Using essential oils and other simple ingredients, these sugar body scrub recipes will be so easy to make, you can do a different one each week or make a bunch to use as gifts for friends.

Keep scrolling to find the recipes to make natural body scrubs with your favorite essential oils and other homemade ingredients you probably already have around.

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DIY Amazing Sugar Scrubs

1. Colorful and Pretty Sugar Scrub

We start with one of the prettiest scrubs out there! We’re in love with this colorful sugar scrub!

2. Lemon and Peppermint Scented Sugar Scrub

Combine the amazing scents of lemon and peppermint for this sugar scrub.
If you want to make your own flavors and scents, start with this super easy basic sugar scrub recipe.

3. Fragrant Citrus Sugar Scrub

Citrus sugar scrubs are always fun and fragrant, the perfect choice for any time of year.

4. Homemade Lemon Scented Sugar Scrub

These homemade sugar scrubs are  perfect for early in the morning invigoration with that amazing lemon scent! Marry the wonderful flavors of lemon and honey with this sugar scrub lip balm recipe. Perfection.

5. Kid-Friendly Sugar Scrub

Let the little ones help out with this easy kid made sugar scrub recipe!

Collage of different homemade DIY sugar scrubs to give as presents. Lavender sugar scrub for sleeping,  peppermitn sugar scrub and cinnamon sugar scrub. From Kids Activities Blog.
15+ DIY sugar scrubs you will love!

Sugar Scrub Jars

6. Calming Lavender Sugar Scrub

After a long day, calming sugar scrubs  with lavender are the perfect choice, both for parents and kids!

7. Baby Oil Sugar Scrub

For the littlest ones make sugars scrubs using baby oil! Soothing on the sweet baby skin (and mommy skin too).

8. Brown Sugar Scrub

If you don’t have time to go shopping, you can still make a scrub using things from your pantry. This brown sugar scrub is one of our all time favorites!

9. Lemon and Coconut Sugar Scrub

This lemon coconut recipe is so good it’s a perfect sugar scrub for daily use.

10. Grapeseed Oil Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs with grapeseed oil are definitely one of the favorite combos. We love the splash of peppermint added to this gorgeous recipe.

Image shows a collage of different sugar scrubs - lavender sugar scrub, whipped sugar scrub, and candycorn sugar scrub.
You can make these sugar scrubs at home with easy ingredients!

Sugar scrubs for gifts

11. Kids Sugar Scrub Recipe

Kids can even make their own recipes using a variety of sugar scrub ingredients.

12. Olive Oil Sugar Scrub

You can even make sugar scrubs with olive oil and coconut oil. This scrub is whipped and creamy.

13. Fall Candy Corn Themed Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub gifts are so much fun. This is an adorable fall themed candy corn scrub recipe.

14. Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrubs are good for skin. This fragrantly, peppermint one will have you smelling and feeling your best.

15. Gorgeous Orange Sugar Scrub

If you are exploring how to use sugar scrubs, this gorgeous orange recipe can get you started!

How To Use Sugar Body Scrubs

Sugar scrubs are great options to give during the holiday season – especially homemade ones as they provide the best results when compared to ones bought in grocery stores! We always prefer a good natural beauty product with ingredients we already have at home. Try one of our DIY sugar scrub recipes to get a little self-care spa day right at home.

These sugar scrubs are perfect for getting rid of dead skin cells and leaving you with super soft skin – and smelling great, too.

Using a sugar scrub, especially in the winter months, is a great way to treat itchy skin, dry skin, and overall, make the skin feel soft – like a baby’s! You can customize them too – depending on the kind of sugar you can get different results. Coarse sugar works best for knees and elbows, while white sugar is best for dry hands and sensitive skin.

Use these sugar scrubs in the shower or bath – when it’s time to exfoliate, gently massage the scrub into your skin in a circular motion and then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Finally, apply moisturizer while your skin is still damp to lock in the moisture.

Then, depending on the essential oil and carrier oils you choose, you will get other benefits. Our favorite carrier oils are vitamin e oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, and shea butter. And when it comes to essential oils, there are so many different ones you can try. These are our favorites for a great DIY body scrub:

But feel free to try other combinations! 5-10 total drops of essential oil should be more than enough for any sugar scrub.


  • We have 15 awesome DIY Christmas sugar scrubs you can make with your kids. They’re pretty and they smell great.
  • Looking for some less holiday themed sugar scrubs, but something that smells just scrumptious? Then you’ll love these simply sweet scrubs.
  • Sometimes our feet need a little extra love, especially during dry weather or the winter. This sugar cookie diy foot scrub is perfect!

Are you excited to try one of these amazing sugar scrubs? We suggest using 100% pure essential oils to make your sugar scrub amazing.

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