190+ Charming St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Activities for Kids

We have a giant list of the best St Patricks Day crafts for kids that will keep you busy celebrating the festive holiday. These fun St. Patrick’s Day ideas are great for kids of all ages and work well at home, at a St Patricks Day party or in the classroom.

Let’s make some St Patricks Day crafts!

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts & Activities

St Patricks Day always falls on March 17. What many do not realize that it began as a religious holiday to commemorate Catholicism in Ireland. Around the world, celebrations will be held full of shamrocks, pot-of-gold, wearing green and of course a lot of leprechauns!

This giant list was created by a lot of different parents and teachers who love to spend time with their kids.

All of these St. Patrick’s day crafts and activities are fun and family friendly. We have sweets, pots of gold, rainbows, and tons of green!

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Plus, these St. Patty’s day crafts are great for kids of all ages. We have crafts and activities for preschoolers, toddles, Kindergarten kids, older kids, even adults!

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1. Rainbow Glass Craft

St Patricks Day crafts - stained glass rainbows - finished rainbow craft shown hanging in window
Let’s make colorful rainbows for St Patty’s Day

I love this stained rainbow glass craft! It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s day, and is so beautiful and fun to make. This St. Patrick’s day craft is even suited for smaller kids. All you need is wax paper, Elmer’s glue, a paintbrush, and ripped up tissue paper which makes it an ideal easy craft for toddlers or preschoolers.

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2. Rainbow Windows Art

Looking for a rainbow windows art craft this St. Patrick’s day? This rainbow display is actually made by Bendaroos! Just arrange them on a white piece of paper in the correct order, pinch them together, peel, and you are almost ready to show off your rainbow display off to the world.

Bubble wrap painting turned into a beautiful rainbow with white clouds.
Who knew you could use bubble wrap to make rainbows?

3. Bubble Wrap Painting

Looking for more rainbow painting ideas? Try bubble wrap painting! it’s actually super cool and you end up with a very unique piece of artwork. What you do is paint a rainbow on a sheet of bubble wrap and stamp it on paper! Don’t forget to add clouds your own little touches to make it even more special. Preschoolers and toddlers will love this St Patricks craft idea.

4. Make A Potato Person

With St. Patrick’s day around the corner you’ll want to find a fun activity to do together with your kids. This potato person craft is perfect!

DIY St. Patrick's day garland made with unfinished wood banners, twin, and green striped and polka dotted crafting tape.
How festive is this St. Patricks day garland craft?

5. DIY St. Patrick’s Day Garland

Decorate your home for St Paddy’s Day with this super cute DIY St. Patrick’s day garland. This DIY St. Patrick’s day garland easy to make, festive, and you can reuse it as it is made from unfinished wood banners and crafting tape. What a fun way to decorate for a St Patricks Day party!

6. St. Patricks Day Art Projects

I love this! These St. Patrick’s day art projects are perfect for kids of all ages! Break out the paintbrushes, paper, watercolors, and crayons! This St. Patrick’s day arts and crafts project is all about the color green!

7. More St. Patrick’s Day Crafts to Make with Kids

Check out these 10 St. Patrick’s day crafts. Make shamrock necklaces, paint your own shamrocks, fun leprechaun projects for kids, and more!

Pot of gold craft that is made with construction paper. The black pot has 3 giant gold coins, 3 shamrocks on it, and tissue paper make the rainbow and has violet, pink, red, orange, yellow, and blue.
Make your own pot’o’gold.

8. Pot Of Gold Craft

Your little one will love this St. Patrick’s day craft for preschoolers. They’ll be making this awesome pot of gold craft that sits at the end of a rainbow! This is one of these easier St. Patrick’s day crafts that is perfect for little hands like toddlers and preschoolers.

9. Rainbow Pot Of Gold Craft

Stickers are so much fun and so versatile! This rainbow pot of gold craft is made from colorful stickers and very pretty gold stickers. This would make the perfect St. Patty’s day craft for Kindergarten kids. Not too hard, not a big mess, and it looks beautiful!

10. Rainbow Rice With Paint

Fine motor skills is something we have to continually work on with our kids. This rainbow rice with paint activity is the perfect way to do just that. Mix rice and/or rock salt into paint cups and then spoon them into a jar to make a lovely rainbow!

11. Recycled St. Patrick’s Day Craft Idea For Kids

Any craft that can be recycled is a favorite of mine which is why I love this recycled St. Patrick’s day craft idea for kids. Make a Leprechaun hat and a pot of gold using recycled yogurt cups. (link no longer available)

Rainbow Colored Bobby Pins painted with colorful nail polish
Make St. Patrick’s day rainbow barrettes using nail polish.

12. Rainbow Colored Bobby Pins

Enjoy festive hair with these rainbow colored bobby pins. These colored bobby pins are bright and shimmery, and painted with nail polish of all things!

13. Rainbow Q Tip Painting

Rainbows are a big part of St. Patrick’s day! That is where the Leprechauns hide their pots of gold. What better way to attract a Leprechaun than making an easy rainbow painting using watercolors and Q-tips?

Rainbow art created oil pastels and watercolors
This sand rainbow is so colorful and unique.

14. Preschool Rainbow Art

Introduce a new medium of art to your kids. Try making this rainbow art with oil pastels and watercolors. This rainbow art project is perfect for St. Patrick’s day.

15. Beaded Rainbow

Because we love rainbows and working on fine motor skills we have tried this fun beaded rainbow craft in my house, and it was a success. Thread the beads on the pipe cleaners to make a beautiful beaded pipe cleaner rainbow.

A pot of chocolate coins at the end of a craft stick rainbow with a big fluffy cloud at the top.
The popsicle stick rainbow is so cool!

16. Pot Of Gold Craft

Create your own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! This potted rainbow looks like a cauldron of gold (chocolate) coins at the end of the craft stick rainbow, complete with a white fluffy cloud. (link no longer available)

17. This Craft Turns Into St. Patricks Day Treat Bags

St. Patrick’s day treats can be easily made with markers, coffee filters, and golden coins. These St. Patricks day treat bags are rainbow and full of colors!

Rainbow flower made of rainbow tissue paper that is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.
Rainbow flowers are perfect for St. Patrick’s day.

19. DIY Rainbow Flowers

Did you know tissue paper is great for crafting? Plus, these rainbow flowers are so easy to make, and make great St. Patrick’s day gifts. You will also need 1 pipe cleaner per flower.

20. Rainbow Necklace Kids Craft

A rainbow necklace is the perfect accessory for St. Patrick’s day! This is such a cute, and easy, St. Patrick’s day craft for kids. It also works on fine motor skills as they thread the colored noodles, Cheerios, and glittered shamrocks.

coffee filter rainbow rainbow craft for St. Patrick's day using dotting pens, tape, and coffee filters.
These rainbow suncatchers really brighten up a room!

21. Let’s Make a Coffee Filter Rainbow

Turns out you can make an amazing coffee filter rainbow using coffee filters, tape, and dotting pens. The best part is, when you’re done with this St. Patrick’s day craft, you can turn it into a rainbow suncatcher!

22. St. Patrick’s Day Craft Idea For Adults

Adults also want to have fun on St. Patrick’s day! Well, they can have fun putting together this DIY candy basket. You can learn how to put together a candy bouquet for someone special!

Rainbow colored necklace using colored noodles and fishing line.
Learn about the colors of the rainbow and make a necklace!

23. Rainbow Colored Necklace Craft

Another rainbow necklace! This rainbow colored necklace is made from string and dyed noodles. Not only is is a great St. Patrick’s day craft, but it also works on fine motor skills as well.

24. Make a Rainbow Ribbon for Dancing

Get moving and create your own rainbows! Make your own ribbon dancing rings that also double as sensory rings. Dance to Celtic music and celebrate St. Patrick’s day by being active.

"St. Patrick's day decorations made from red, purple, green, orange, and yellow skittles."
Skittles are a great way to explore rainbows.

25. St. Patrick’s Day Decorations Made with Food

Decorating for St. Patrick’s day? Then you’ll want to make this St. Patrick’s day Skittles decoration. You use a foam cone, skittles, and a glue gun, to make a beautiful rainbow tree!

26. Saint Patrick’s Day Art Projects For Preschoolers

Small children generally need easier crafts and that is why this Saint Patrick’s day art project for preschoolers is perfect. You use colored noodles to make a rainbow! Learn about rainbows and colors all in one art project.

Rainbow Streamers tight on a bottle filled with gold beans to make noise.
These DIY rainbow streamers are a great way to celebrate and be festive.

27. Beautiful DIY Rainbow Streamers

Rainbow streamers can be used to make this fun St. Patrick’s day noise maker. Shake it to make music, dance around and watch the rainbow streamers float around, and most importantly, get moving and have fun! Toddlers, preschoolers and Kindergartners will love this craft.

28. Rainbow Words

St. Patrick’s day can be a fun time to teach! Everything is so colorful and festive is the perfect time to learn rainbow sight words! These rainbow words go over common words that your little one will need to recognize for reading.

29. R Is For Rainbow Craft

Is your preschooler or Kindergartner learning about letters? This R is for rainbow craft is a great way to reinforce the letter R, learn about colors, and learn about rainbow.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Craft that teaches the colors with hearts, shamrocks, a leprechaun, and a pot of gold.
This rainbow craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

30. St. Patrick’s Day Rainbow Craft

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple are the colors that make a rainbow! This St. Patrick’s day rainbow craft teaches kids just that! Don’t forget to add a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

Best Leprechaun Crafts for Kids

One of our favorite things about St Paddy’s Day is leprechauns! Leprechauns are small creatures that appear human wearing a fancy green suit with hat and black buckled shoes. They tend to stay by themselves, but legend has it if you happen to catch one, it will grant you 3 wishes.

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Leprechaun art for toddlers using construction paper to make a green leprechaun hat with a black belt, gold buckle on it, and rainbow streamers hanging off of it.
Make a colorful Leprechaun hat!

31. Leprechaun Art For Toddlers

Want Leprechaun art for toddlers? Here is a Leprechaun hat craft that should be easy for little hands to do. All you need is glue sticks and construction paper. They may need their parent or guardian to cut out the shapes for them, but once that is done, they are set!

32. Craft to The Leprechaun Song

Make a felt Leprechaun hat and then spend time learning The Magical Leprechaun song and The Little Leprechaun Song. Each song has lyrics that are written down and you can find the Leprechaun music here.

Leprechaun footprints made of green paint.
How precious is this Leprechaun footprint craft?!

33. Let’s Make Leprechaun Footprints

Look how cute these Leprechaun footprints are! Make St. Patrick’s day a little more special by leaving Leprechaun footprints throughout the house. This would go perfect with the Leprechaun rocks in the science section of this post.

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34. Cute Leprechaun Craft

Your kids will love making this super cute Leprechaun craft! This Leprechaun craft is perfect for Kindergarten kids and up! Make a Leprechaun out of construction paper with a green hat and fiery orange beard.

Leprechaun trap in the garden using branches, leaves, and sticks, and rocks as well as flowers.
It’s like a fairy garden….but for Leprechauns…also it’s a trap.

35. Best DIY Leprechaun Trap In The World

Set up the best Leprechaun trap in the world to catch the Leprechaun that has been leaving little green footprints around your house. Making a Leprechaun trap is a cute way to get outside and a fun Leprechaun craft that will go create with the Leprechaun footprint craft and the how to make a magic rock craft.

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36. Leprechaun Craft Idea

Grab your scissors, coloring supplies, and a brown bag to make your own Leprechaun! This Leprechaun craft idea is not only an art project, but doubles as a Leprechaun game for kids.

A Leprechaun trap made from Legos, using green legos, yellow lego flowers, blue lego flowers, and green lego plants.
Let’s capture a Leprechaun using LEGOs.

37. Build a LEGO Leprechaun Trap

Need a mess free St. Patrick’s day project for kids? Then this Leprechaun trap is exactly what you’re looking for. It is made from Legos! It’s simple, fun, and who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky enough to catch a Leprechaun this year.

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38. Catch a Leprechaun in Your Homemade Trap Box

I think I’ve found the best Leprechaun trap ever! This Leprechaun trap box is a great way to keep those pesky Leprechauns away! Decorate a wooden box and fill it with chocolate gold coins as bait!

These mustache straws make you look like a leprechaun as you drink your green milk.
Everyone needs a Leprechaun mustache.

39. Make Silly St. Patricks Day Straws

Drink your juice in style with these fun St. Patrick’s day straws. These mustache straws are silly, fun to make, and even more fun to giggle at because you will look like a Leprechaun!

40. Footprint Leprechauns

Leprechauns are super easy to paint! Especially when you make footprint Leprechauns. Add green, orange, and peach paint to your foot and use a marker to draw on his face. Don’t forget to give your footprint Leprechaun a green construction paper hat!

Leprechaun trap filled with pretzels, M&M's, and golden Oreos.
What Leprechaun could resist those tasty rainbow snacks?

41. Craft a Popsicle Stick Leprechaun Trap

Colored crafting sticks can be used to make an awesome Leprechaun trap. create a base, and a lid, and fill your Leprechaun trap with bait like pretzels, chocolate rainbow dots, and golden Oreos.

42. Green Leprechaun Hat Craft

Leprechauns always wear a green hat! Now, you can make your own Leprechaun hat to celebrate this St. Patty’s day. This is a cut and fun St. Patrick’s day craft that even the younger kids can make like older toddlers and preschoolers.

DIY Lego Leprechaun trap made of Legos.
Even more LEGO Leprechaun traps.

43. Build a DIY Leprechaun Trap Out of LEGOs

DIY Leprechaun traps are easy to make when you have Legos! Make a trap and then set it with a Lego pot of gold! That should lure those sneaky Leprechauns into it!

44. Crafty Leprechaun Crafts

Have you found the Leprechauns pot of gold? This would be a cute craft that goes along with the Leprechaun traps. A gift left behind if you will or use it as a party favor. Regardless, this Leprechaun crafts is super cute!

How to make a leprechaun trap using a painted box, camo colored shamrocks like green, brown, and tan, with gold beads held in an empty fruit cup and held by strings on a stick.
Let’s learn how to make a Leprechaun trap.

45. How To Make A Leprechaun Trap

Capture those mischievous Leprechauns by creating a cute Leprechaun trap! You will need a box, paint, paper, and camo colored shamrocks. Don’t forget to fill your Leprechaun trap with bait, gold!

46. Write a Leprechaun Letter

Didn’t catch a Leprechaun in your Leprechaun trap? That’s okay! Leave this Leprechaun letter behind! It has the little poem available, print it, write it by hand, just make sure you sign it and leave behind some chocolate gold coins. (Link no longer available)

Make your own Leprechaun craft with a green hat, green pants, black shoes, a big smile, and fiery orange beards and eyebrows.

47. Make Your Own Leprechaun Craft

Recycle some toilet paper rolls to create this Leprechaun craft. Grab some tape, glue, scissors, paint, paper, and a couple more items! Then follow this step by step guide to make your very own Leprechaun with a big orange beard!

48. Leprechaun Mask

Dress up this St. Patrick’s day! Make your own Leprechaun mask that also doubles Leprechaun paper plate craft. This Leprechaun mask has a green hat with a black strap and gold buckle and a fiery orange beard!

Leprechaun pot of gold made with a black felt cauldron, chocolate gold wrappers, and a handprint rainbow with the colors red, orange, yellow, green, and blue.
I love this rainbow handprint craft.

49. Leprechaun Pot Of Gold Craft for Kids

Every Leprechaun hides his pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and now you can make your own Leprechaun pot of gold! Make a rainbow with your hand, make a felt cauldron, and fill it with chocolate coin wrappers!

50. Leprechaun Trap And A Pot Of Gold

Make this awesome Leprechaun trap that looks like a giant Leprechaun hat! Don’t forget to put a small pot of gold at the top. You can even build a ladder to help the Leprechaun up!

St. Patrick Perler Beads Activity to make a Leprechaun trap with gold perler bead and gold glitter bait.
Make a Leprechaun using perler beads.

51. Make a Leprechaun Trap Out of Perler Beads

Perler beads are so cool! You can make Leprechaun trap with this St. Patrick perler beads craft. You can easily make a 3D trap with beads and don’t forget to leave gold perler beads in the trap as bait!

52. Leprechaun Hat Craft

Every Leprechaun needs a hat! This Leprechaun hat craft is so easy to make. These styrofoam cup Leprechaun hats only require a few materials and is great for smaller kids too. (Link no longer available)

Leprechaun trap made from a shoe box, green tape, shamrock stickers, and sparkles.
Grab a cardboard box, we’re making a Leprechaun trap.

53. Leprechaun Craft For Kindergarten Kids

Catch a Leprechaun with this super awesome Leprechaun activity for Kindergarten kids. You will be using a shoe box, craft tape, shamrock stickers, and sparkles to make a Leprechaun trap!

54. Make Leprechaun Peg Dolls

I never knew I needed Leprechaun peg dolls until now. Look how precious they are! This Leprechaun doll craft would be perfect for older kids and adults.

Leprechaun Hat And Beard Craft
How silly is this Leprechaun beard and hat craft?

55. Craft a Leprechaun Hat And Beard Craft

You can be a Leprechaun with this cute Leprechaun hat and beard craft! Make this cute Leprechaun headband that looks like a mini hat and then decorate a white coffee mug with a big beard!

56. Felt Leprechaun

Felt can be used to make a lot of things and that includes Leprechauns. Look how cute this little felt Leprechaun is! He has a little green outfit and hat, a black bowtie, and bright orange hair!

Leprechaun mask with an orange beard, green hat, with a glittery gold buckle.
Use a paper plate to make a cute Leprechaun beard and hat.

57. Leprechaun Paper Plate Craft

This Leprechaun paper plate craft is the cutest! Use a paper plate, construction paper, and glitter to make the cutest Leprechaun mask! Don’t forget the orange beard! This St Paddy’s Day craft is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Shamrock Crafts for Kids

Shamrocks are another important part of a St Patricks Day celebration and means “little clover”. It is actually NOT a 4 leaf clover! The true Irish shamrock has 3 leaves because it is a symbolize of the Holy Trinity.

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Shamrock Handprint Canvas Craft for Kids using your child's hand and green paint.
This handprint shamrock craft doubles as a keepsake.

58. Shamrock Handprint for St Patricks Day

Looking for a shamrock craft? This Shamrock handprint canvas is not only a fun craft, but a perfect keepsake. Use your child’s hand and green paint to make a 3 leaf clover. It would also be super cute if you did 1 for the family with Dad’s, Mom’s, and child’s handprint.

59. Make A Shamrock Card

Make a pop-up Shamrock card for your loved ones. This craft is simple, can take 10 minutes or less, and is a perfect St. Patrick’s day craft for preschoolers, kindergarten kids, older kids, even adults. Everyone loves homemade cards.

St. Patrick's day crafts for kindergarten kids using water paints to paint a purple, blue, green, yellow, red, and orange rainbow on a piece of paper and then making a 3 leaf clover using green construction paper.
Rainbows and Shamrocks, hooray!

60. St. Patrick’s Day Crafts For Kindergarten Kids

Your kids will love making this shamrock rainbow! Use watercolors to paint a rainbow across a piece of paper and then make a green shamrock using construction paper. It’s so lovely and fun (who doesn’t love painting).

61. St. Patrick’s Day Stamps

How cute is this Shamrock craft? You can make the cutest St. Patrick’s day stamps out of toilet paper rolls! Who would have thought! Once you finish stamping the shamrocks on your paper, be sure to color them in!

Shamrock garland is perfect for decorating and working on fine motor skills.
Let’s make shamrock garland!

62. Shamrock Garland Craft

Decorate your house with this super cute shamrock garland. Not only is this super cute to make, as each shamrock is a little different and some even have glitter, but it doubles as a great fine motor skill. Each shamrock needs a hole punched into and have string threaded through it.

63. Fold an Origami Shamrock

Looking for a fun shamrock craft? This Origami Shamrock craft is perfect for older kids. You can make a 3 leaf clover or the lucky 4 leaf clover! All you need is green paper!

This shamrock suncatcher is made of plastic bags, tape, and is green.
This shamrock suncatcher is so vibrant.

64. Shamrock Suncatcher Craft

Your windows can be festive too with this shamrock suncatcher! This plastic suncatcher is not only fun to make, but recycles! You actually make it using plastic bags!

65. Make a Glitter Shamrock

Glitter is the best! Which is probably why I adore this super cute glitter shamrock suncatcher. It’s such a fun and easy St. Patrick’s day art project and it makes your home festive and sparkly! It’s a win-win!

Shamrock paper clock with sparkly shamrock hours 1-12 and green hour and minute hands on a paper plate lined with gold lines.
Let’s craft and learn!

66. Shamrock Paper Clock Craft

What better way to learn time than with this super cute St. Patrick’s day craft. This is super easy to make, just need paper plates, glitter glue, paper fastener, foam, and stickers. This is such a great St. Patrick’s day craft for Kindergarten kid as this is about the time kids start learning how to read time. Plus it is festive!

67. Twist a Green Pipe Cleaner Crown

Be festive and fancy with this pipe cleaner crown! It’s such a fun St. Patrick’s craft because you can make it all your own. Add beads, sparkly shamrocks, matte shamrocks, foam shamrocks, ribbon, and more!

DIY shamrock shirts using vinyl paper and a cricket machine.
These glittery shamrock shirts are perfect for St. Patrick’s day.

68. DIY Shamrock Shirt

Adults can be festive too! Here is a great St. Patrick’s day craft for adults! These DIY Shamrock shirts can be made for yourself or for your family and friends. I would even venture to say this would be a great thing to sell for St. Patrick’s day.

69. Shamrock Necklace Craft

Sparkles! This sparkly shamrock necklace is so pretty! It is made with shamrock foam stickers. Double up on the stickers and add some touches to larger shamrock and add a ring to thread to the ribbon.

Rainbow crafts ideas like making a rainbow shamrock with blue, green, yellow, red, violet colors.
How lovely is this rainbow shamrock?

70. Craft a Rainbow Shamrock

Make a rainbow shamrock this St. Patty’s day! This is a super cute, and one of the easier rainbow craft ideas I’ve seen. Cut construction paper into strips and glue it to a plain white piece of paper before cutting out your shamrock! It’s super pretty!

71. Simple Shamrock Suncatcher

Make a simple shamrock suncatcher using  tissue paper! Not only is this craft in the shape of a shamrock suncatcher, but with all the different colors it creates a beautiful rainbow display that looks almost like real stained glass.

Footprint Shamrocks craft with green construction paper and green footprints
Use your footprints to make a cute paper shamrock.

72. Footprint Shamrock Craft

Crafts can often double as keepsakes and this footprint shamrock is no different. Cut out the pieces of the 4 leaf clover and have your child stamp their foot on each leaf. You could even them have print their hands for fun handprint 4 leaf clover.

73. Make Shamrock Hair Clips

Shamrock hair clips are so cute and a great way to make your hair festive for St. Patrick’s day. There are 3 different types of Shamrock hair clips to make, however, this is more of a St. Patrick’s day craft for adults, as it requires some usage of an open flame.

handprint 4 leaf clover made with green paint, with an outline drawn around it, on yellow paper.

74. Handprint 4 Leaf Clover Prints

Make your own handprint 4 leaf clover that also doubles as a St. Patrick’s day gift, because you can turn it into a keepsake! It’s simple, get your paint, your paper, and markers!

75. Easy Sticky Paper Shamrock Collage

We found the perfect St. Patrick’s day craft for toddlers. It’s festive, and it works on fine motor skills, and teaches about the color green. Cut out a shamrock from sticky paper and tape it up. Then let your little one stick buttons, pom poms, feathers, googly eyes, sequins, and more.

Four Leaf Clover Paper Craft made with green construction paper and each leaf has 4 heart layers.
This shamrock is so neat.

76. Four Leaf Clover Crafts

Construction paper makes the coolest crafts sometimes. This four leaf clover craft has layered construction paper leaves that look so unique. Hopefully, when you’re done making this four leaf clover it will bring you good luck!

77. Holy Trinity Shamrock Craft

Learn with this Holy Trinity shamrock craft. Not only does it teach about St. Patrick, and what he did, who he was, but there is also a fun stained glass shamrock sheet you can get for free.

Make a shamrock out of painted doilies from a Little Pinch of Perfect
I would have never thought of using doilies to make a shamrock.

78. Four Leaf Clover

Doilies never had a place in my house until I started crafting with my kids. You can use doilies to make this super cute shamrock craft. Add some construction paper, gold ribbon, and green paint, and you have a beautifully giant shamrock!

79. Make Your Own 3 Leaf Clover

I love this! This 3 leaf clover is such a cute St. Patrick’s day decoration. Plus, it recycles toilet paper rolls and any craft that recycles is a favorite of mine! Don’t forget to add green paint and sparkles to your clover craft.

80. Shamrock Burlap Ribbon Craft

shamrock burlap ribbon in a white frame.
This is the cutest shamrock décor.

Create this beautiful shamrock burlap ribbon craft to hang up this St. Patrick’s day. It’s very simple and classy and the green burlap ribbon really pops against the white frame. (Link no longer available)

81. DIY St. Patrick’s Shirt Ideas

Getting ready for a St. Patrick’s day party at school? Then you’ll love this St. Patrick’s shirt idea. This DIY shamrock shirt is super cute, but a little more complicated to make, but so worth it.

Simple four leaf clover made from green construction paper and staples.
Use construction paper to make a 4 leaf clover.

82. Simple 4 Leaf Clover Paper Craft

Sometimes less is more, and that is definitely the case with this 4 leaf clover craft. All you need is a stapler and green construction paper. Who knows, maybe this four leaf clover will bring you good luck this year.

83. St. Patrick’s Day Art Projects

This painting craft is so cool! Stick four leaf clover stickers on a canvas, paint the canvas green, peel the stickers and look at the amazing piece of art you created!

Shamrock art using green felt to make a 3 leaf clover.
This shamrock craft is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

84. Shamrock Art Project for Kids

Shamrock art are doesn’t always have to be messy or complex, this felt 3 leaf clover project is the perfect craft for those who need a quiet mess free activity this St. Patrick’s day.

85. Teaching The Trinity To Kids Through the Shamrock

Did you know you could be teaching the Trinity to kids using three leaf clovers? Each leaf on the 3 leaf clover is part of the Trinity: God the son, God the Holy Spirit, and God the Father. (Link no longer available)

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kids

Let’s play some St Patricks Day activities and St Patricks Day games for kids…look below because we have some fun St Patricks Day food ideas in case anyone works up an appetite.

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Free St. Patrick's Bingo with gold lucky on the top and the squares have shamrocks, lucky horseshoe, pots of gold, leprechauns, green balloons, green lips, the Irish flag, and the tokens are gold wrapped hershey kisses.,
Let’s play bingo!

86. St. Patricks Day Bingo Game

Bingo is such a fun game! Even as an adult I still love playing it, and I’m glad my children feel the same way. These free St. Patrick’s day bingo printable is such a fun activity, and even a tasty one, if you use gold wrapped Hershey kisses.

87. Pot Of Gold Game

More St. Patrick’s day crafts and activities! From making a pot of gold game, to making goop, playing bingo, coloring sheets, and more here are 25 fun things to do on St. Patrick’s day!

St. Patricks' day school activities for smaller kids like making playdough shamrocks from green playdough, catching a green balloon in a basket, and coloring st. patty's day coloring sheets.
There are so many great St. Patrick’s day activities to choose from.

88. St. Patrick’s Day School Activities

Do you need some classroom activities for St. Patrick’s day? We’ve got you! You’ll love these St. Patrick day school activities. Here are some different games, coloring sheets, crafts that your class is sure to love.

89. St. Patrick’s Day Yoga

Get moving with these St. Patrick’s Day yoga moves! These St. Patrick’s day yoga sequences will help you take a pretend journey through Ireland by visiting the mountains, being the great oak tree, and pretending to be various animals you would find across Ireland.

Pot of gold game with a rainbow handle and gold chocolate coins.
Let’s play this pot of gold game!

90. Pot Of Gold Game

Kids will have so much fun playing this Pot of Gold game. It’s like ring toss, but with chocolate coins! But it also doubles as a craft with its rainbow handle.

91. St. Patrick’s Day Reading Activities For Kindergarten

Make learning fun with these St. Patrick’s day reading activities for Kindergarten kids. These St. Patrick’s day literacy activities are way to learn words, rhymes, and more.

St. Patrick's Day Games For Elementary Students using shamrocks cutouts with magnets on them, a magnetic fishing pole, and spelling out words.
This shamrock name game looks like so much fun.

92. St. Patrick’s Day Games For Elementary Students

Want St. Patrick’s day games for elementary students? This Shamrock Name Game is perfect for learning letters and even sight words. Plus, it is super easy to put together.

93. Shamrock Game

The Shamrock game is fun and best for a group of children. One child is it and will be it and pick one of the shamrock cards and carry it around the circle and then drops it behind one of the other child before they both run around the circle, trying to claim the empty spot.

Plan a St. Patrick's day party with rice krispy treats, white and green sugar cookies, Aero chocolate bar, green soda, white and green cupcakes, golden globes, candles, and plates, and St. Patrick's day garland.
Let’s throw a St. Patrick’s day party!

94. St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Plan the ultimate St. Patrick’s day party! You’ll need St. Patrick’s day banners, some St. Patrick’s day garland, St. Patrick’s day snacks and sweets, and activities!

95. Irish Fairy Tales

Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with these amazing Irish fairy tales. Dive deep with these Celtic mythology books and learn about Gaelic mythology and Irish folklore characters.

St. Patrick's Day Activities For After School like a leprechaun home, counting games, crystal shamrocks, rainbows, worksheets, leprechaun songs, and more.
These St. Patrick’s day activities are great for after school.

96. St. Patrick’s Day Activities For After School

Keep the festive fun going with these fun St. Patrick’s day activities after school. There are so many different St. Patrick’s day projects for kids of all ages!

97. St. Patricks Day Art Ideas For Toddlers

Learn, explore, and create, with these fun St. Patricks day art ideas for toddlers. You could also use many of these activities as St. Patricks day crafts for preschoolers as well.

Celtic songs to help celebrate St. Patrick's day.
Oooh, glitter!

98. Let’s Sing Celtics Songs

Celtic songs are the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s day! Learn these beautiful Saint Patrick’s day songs and learn to appreciate other people’s culture.

99. Seeing Green Game

Paint swatches are a great way to learn colors, and you can use green paint swatches to help your child find different shades of green. Go through the grocery store and see how many different shades of green they can find! This is such a cute and education St. Patrick’s day activity.

St Patrick's day for preschoolers making rainbows with paper and stickers and a book called 'Planting A Rainbow'.
This rainbow craft is great for preschoolers.

100. St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Preschoolers

Are you looking for more St. Patrick’s day activities for preschoolers? Then you’ll love these St. Patrick’s day crafts, recipes, and even story time! Celebrate all day and make it educational!

101. Read a Leprechaun Story

Read this Leprechaun story to your kids this St. Patrick’s day! It’s called Leprechauns Never Lie by Lorna and Lecia Balian. It’s a cute story about a little girl who didn’t want to do her chores and rather tries to find a Leprechauns gold to fix the problem! Does it play it out? You’ll have to read to find out.

St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Ideas

Playing with playdough is one of our favorite things to do and we have some St Patricks Day inspired playdough recipes and activities!

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St. Patrick's day playdough tray with yellow playdough in black cauldrons, orange, and white, and green, playdough, orange, white, and green beads, green and gold coins, St. Patrick's day faux gems, and necklaces, and cookie cutters.
Make playdough festive with this St. Patrick’s day playdough tray.

102. St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Tray

Isn’t this St. Patrick’s day playdough tray is the cutest! This is a fun St. Patrick’s day craft that is perfect for kids. It has: yellow playdough in black cauldrons (like a pot of gold), white, orange, and green playdough, green, white, and orange beads, gold and green coins, and St. Patrick’s day cookie cutters, necklaces, and faux gems!

103. Pot Of Gold Art Clay

Make this pot of gold art using modeling clay! Make a sparkly rainbow and then craft a pot of gold for the end of the rainbow using black and yellow construction paper.

Green gloop recipe outside with sand and a yellow truck.

104. St. Patrick’s Day Gloop Recipe

Gloop is so much fun to play with. This gloop recipe is wet, slimy, and green! Perfect for messy play! This is such a fun Saint Patrick’s project for toddlers. Messy play is always fun, but it also doubles as a sensory activity as well.

105. Green Playdough Play

Green playdough is the perfect fun on St. Patrick’s day. Make your own shamrocks, mash, roll, and cut out shapes in it. Plus, there is a little history in this! Let them make snakes and talk about how St. Patrick banished the snake from Ireland.

Rainbow kinetic sand that is violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red.
Let’s play with this rainbow moldable sand.

106. Make Rainbow Kinetic Sand

Rainbow kinetic sand is soft, wet, and can be molded into anything! It’s the perfect activity for St. Patrick’s day, plus it also doubles as a St. Patrick’s sensory activity.

107. Green Jello Playdough

This sparkly lime green Jello playdough is the perfect way to have fun on St. Patrick’s day. This playdough recipe made with Jello makes it not only green, but smell amazing!

Green foam dough made with flour, shaving cream, green food coloring, with beads, gold coins, and popsicle sticks thrown in.
Your little one is gonna love this foam dough.

108. Let’s Make Foam Dough Bright Green!

Foam dough is soft and sticks together and is very similar to kinetic sand. However, this is made with flour, green food coloring, and shaving cream! Have fun building, smashing, and this can be turned into a sensory game by adding beads and gold coins.

St. Patrick's Day Activities for Toddlers and babies that includes making a green paper shamrock, picking shamrocks, finger painting with green paints, and a green bin of toys.
Your toddler can do all of these St. Patrick’s day activities.

St Patricks Activities for Toddlers

109. St Patricks Day Activities For Toddlers

Keep your little one busy and learning this St. Patrick’s day with this list of fun St. Patrick’s day activities for toddlers. These will also be great St. Patrick’s day crafts for babies as well. Each one is a hand-on activity whether is be playing picking shamrocks, finger painting with green painting, creating a paper shamrock, and a green bin!

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110. Pipe Cleaner Shamrock Activity

This pipe cleaner shamrock activity is a really good way to practice fine motor skills. Make shamrocks with pipe cleaners, and let your little one stick them into the holes of a colander. This is one of many fun St. Patrick’s day activities for toddlers.

111. Make a Shamrock File Folder Game

This easy homemade file folder game teaches shapes…the shape of a shamrock and more! What fun to have with a toddler.

St. Patrick’s Day Recipes & Food Ideas

You are going to work up an appetite after all that St Patricks Day crafting. We have some really fun food ideas that work great as a surprise at home, a lunchbox treat or for a St. Patrick’s Day party.

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?tp image id=267340
Mmm…rainbow pancakes!

112. Make Rainbow Pancakes

Looking for a delicious St. Patrick’s day recipe for breakfast? Look no further, these rainbow pancakes are delicious. My kids would love this! You could make small pancakes of every color like: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and violet. While syrup is delicious I may actually use some vanilla icing over mine! Yum!

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113. St. Patrick’s Day Snacks For Kids

St. Patrick’s day snacks do not have to be complex to make. These snack are perfect and healthy! Make rainbow fruit snacks and green milk this St. Patrick’s day. They’ll love it and still be getting what they need to grow up healthy and strong.

St. Patrick's day breakfast idea using orange creamsicle, keylime pie yogurt, and lucky charms.
Breakfast just got festively delicious!

114. St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

Why not make breakfast festive with this St. Patrick’s day breakfast idea! You’ll need orange creamsicle yogurt, key lime pie yogurt, and lucky charms! It’s a festively fun St. Patrick’s day breakfast.

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115. Green Foods For St. Patrick’s Day

Want green foods for St. Patrick’s day? Here are a bunch of great green foods that are delicious, and healthy! Start your morning with a green egg or avocado toast, enjoy a green smoothie, guacamole and more!

?tp image id=267343
Even picky eaters will be excited to try these green foods.

116. St. Patrick’s Day Picky Eater List

Is your child a picky eater? Well, then this will be a fun picky food test might get your picky eater to try more green foods! This test test game is an entire tray of foods is green-themed for St. Patrick’s day!

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117. Lucky St. Patrick’s Day Foods

Dessert can be festive too! These St. Patrick’s day foods are festive, green and full of rainbows. They’re delicious too. With so many different St. Patrick’s day recipe ideas it’ll be hard to choose just one!

Luck O The Irish Disney Oreo Pops made from big Oreos, small Oreos, dipped in green chocolate, with white and green sprinkles, and 2 green sixlets.
These Disney pops are festive and delicious.

118. Luck O The Irish Disney Oreo Pops

St. Patrick’s sweets just got even more fun! These St. Patrick’s Mickey Oreo pops are fun to make and delicious! These Mickey Oreos are green, festive, and perfect to celebrate.

119. Make Green Milk

Breakfast can be festive too even if it is is simple. Enjoy a bowl of St. Patrick’s day Lucky Charms with green milk!

Rainbow recipes like these rainbow cheesecake dip with purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, white cheesecake with sprinkles and cinnamon cookies
I’m super excited about this rainbow cheesecake!

120. Rainbow Recipes for St Paddy’s Day

Rainbow recipes are perfect for St. Patrick’s day. There are so many to choose from like rainbow cheesecake dip, rainbow poke bean cake, rainbow Jell-O and more!

121. St. Patrick’s Pops Recipe

St. Patrick’s pops are healthy and delicious! Plus they are green, white, and orange! These St. Patrick’s day pops are a great way to get your little ones to eat their fruit.

Rainbow Cupcakes with white frosting and rainbow sprinkles.
Rainbow cupcakes are always fun!

122. Rainbow Cupcake Recipe

Make some delicious rainbow cupcakes! Not only is the cake rainbow, but add vanilla frosting, and rainbow sprinkles! This is such a great St. Patrick’s day treat.

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123. Leprechaun Juice Recipe

Leprechaun juice is not only green, but it is healthy! It is a delicious green juice made of spinach, kiwi, and green grapes! It’s delicious, and you can make it more filling by adding some Greek yogurt and turning it into a green smoothie.

St. Patricks food like a bowl of chicken nuggets, with fruit rainbow and a yogurt dip cloud.
It’s a healthy St. Patrick’s day meal!

124. St. Patrick’s Food Ideas

Chicken nuggets sometimes really is as good as a pot of gold! Add a fruit rainbow and you have a cute St. Patrick’s day dinner. This St. Patrick’s food list also has fun Shamrock shaped food too! It’s so cute, and delicious!

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125. Healthy St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

Enjoy plenty of healthy St. Patrick’s day recipes that are also green! From spinach tortillas, to popsicles, devilled eggs, pesto pizza, and even spinach cupcakes! These healthy St. Patrick’s day recipes are all delicious and tasty, your kids won’t even know they’re eating healthy.

Rainbow Vegetable Platter made with raspberries, peppers, grapes, cauliflower, and berries, and gold chocolate coins.
This rainbow platter is great finger foods!

126. Rainbow Vegetable Platter

Eat all your fruits and veggies, and this rainbow vegetable platter is the perfect way to get your kids to WANT to eat them! Lay out this rainbow platter in the shape of a rainbow, you can even add fruit!

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127. St. Patrick’s Day Pizza

Who doesn’t love pizza!? I do and so does my family which is why this St. Patrick’s day pizza recipe was a huge hit in my house. This St. Patrick’s day pizza is saucy, cheesy, and green! (Link no longer available)

Non Dairy Shamrock shake with a white and yellow straw and sprinkles.
Skip the McDonald’s shake and try this dairy-free Shamrock shake.

128. Shamrock Shake Recipe

Not everyone can handle dairy, which is why this dairy-free Shamrock shake is awesome! It tastes almost as good as the one you can get from McDonalds, but a lot easier on the tummy.

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129. Green Poke Cake Recipe

This is one of my favorite recipes year round, but this version is green making it perfect for your St Patricks Day celebration. Make the yummy jello poke cake and everyone will be happy!

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st patricks day shamrock eggs - cooked egg in pepper shown on spatula
This shamrock breakfast is so tasty.

130. Make Easy Shamrock Eggs for Breakfast

This is my favorite St Patrick’s Day breakfast idea…make shamrock eggs! Yummy and easy to make at home.

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131. Make Some Leprechaun Bark

This yummy St Patricks Day bark dessert recipe is so fun and delicious!

St. Patrick’s Day Printables

Oh so many things to do with all these fun printable activities for kids themed for St Patrick’s Day! We have worksheets, paper games, coloring pages and paper crafts for you to enjoy.

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Design your own St. Patrick's Day paper doll printable set
I love paper dolls.

132. St Patricks Day Paper Doll Set You Can Print

Use our DIY leprechaun doll template to create your own St Patrick’s Day paper doll set for hours of fun.

133. St Patricks Day Inspired Doodles

Download and print these doodles color pages St Patrick’s Day for a really fun afternoon of doodling and art.

St. Patrick's day printables for kids with a leprechaun on a rainbow with shamrocks underneath it
Grab these free printable St. Patrick’s day worksheets.

134. St. Patricks Day Free Printables

You’ll love these St. Patricks day printables. Most of them are fun St. Patrick’s day games for kids, but a few are crafts like the fun build a 3D rainbow craft and even coloring pages!

135. St. Patrick’s Day Worksheets – Free!

Check out this awesome St. Patrick’s Day worksheet pack. These free St. Patrick’s day worksheets are great for kids ages 2-7. Within this worksheet pack you will find worksheets teaching: math, puzzles, fine motor skills, literacy, and more!

R is for rainbow with scissors and rainbow, it requires kids to search through the letters and find the capital and lower case r's.
R is for rainbow.

136. R Is For Rainbow Activity Pack

Is your child learning their letters? Then you will love this R is for Rainbow printable. This free St. Patrick’s day printable helps reinforcing the letter r, both in its capital form and its lower case form.

137. Travel To Ireland Printables

Learning about Ireland is a great St. Patrick’s day activity. “Travel” to Ireland with these fun worksheets. You can find books, math worksheets, and more!

Shamrock Counting Worksheets for preschoolers
This Shamrock printable is great for toddlers and preschoolers.

138. Free Shamrock Counting Worksheets

Who say’s St. Patrick’s day can’t be educational? This shamrock counting worksheet is super cute and allows your child to count in different ways. Count all the shamrocks, the big shamrocks, or the small shamrocks. This is a great St. Patrick’s day activity for preschoolers.

St. Patrick's day Math worksheets with gold, puzzles, counting sheets.
Learn math while having fun!

139. Free Printable St. Patrick’s Day Math Worksheets

Make St. Patrick’s day fun and educational with these fun St. Patrick’s day math worksheets. These lucky charms graphing activity for kindergarten kids is the perfect way to teach younger kids about graphs. There is also counting books, patterns worksheets, puzzles, and more.

140. St. Patrick’s Day Free Printables

More St. Patrick’s day free printables! These St. Patrick’s day games are so much fun as help the gold coins reach the bottom! You can also spend time counting the shamrocks as well.

?tp image id=267358
Grab your markers for this dot a dot worksheet.

141. Free Rainbow Worksheets for Kids

Create a beautiful rainbow with these dot paint worksheets. These rainbow worksheets are great for learning colors and work on fine motor skills.

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142. Free St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Pages

Want some St. Patrick’s day coloring pages? This set comes with: shamrock coloring pages and  leprechaun coloring pages. The Leprechaun is dancing, in a pot of cold, dancing under a rainbow, and even a close up!

Free St Patricks Printables that includes cake toppers, coloring sheets, worksheets, and St. Patrick's day art projects.
Grab your free St. Patrick’s printables!

143. St. Patrick’s Printable Activities

Free printables are the best! Here is a giant list of St. Patrick’s printables. There are cupcake toppers, worksheets, even St. Patrick’s day printable art projects!

144. St. Patricks Day Math Worksheets

Math can be festive too! Use St. Patricks Day math worksheets these printables and gold coins to play this fun counting game. There are counting sheets, and even sums St. Patrick’s day math pages as well.

?tp image id=267360
Saint Patrick printable study guide.

145. Saint Patrick Printables

Saint Patrick was a real person. A lot of people forget that and forget who is was. These Saint Patrick printables is a Catholic study guide to teach all about the Saint.

146. St. Patricks Day Phonological Awareness

Learn about phonological awareness this St. Patrick’s day! Start learning to read with these fun printables and cards! There are 8 phonological awareness pages and they each have: shamrocks, Leprechauns, pots of gold, or more.

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147. Rainbow Printable Matching Cards

Printable letters can be a great way to learn the alphabet. Each of these printable letters doubles as a rainbow printable and is perfect to celebrate this St. Patty’s day.

148. St. Patrick’s Day Printable Number Puzzle

Print this St. Patrick’s day number puzzle to not only help your child learn to count, but to also work on their problem solving skills! Want your number puzzle to last longer? Laminate it.

St Patrick's Day Game for the classroom where you draw on the oval and swap it with other kids.
Roll a Leprechaun!

150. St. Patrick’s Day Games You Can Print & Play

Print this simple, yet fun, St. Patrick’s day game. It’s a simple oval, but there are instructions that tell you what to draw. The best part is, this is a great St. Patrick’s day craft for the classroom as you swap drawings with other kids!

151. Rainbow Sight Word Coloring Sheets

Sight words help children get ready to read and read better. These rainbow sight word coloring sheets are perfect to learn words, colors, and even about rainbows. The best part is this rainbow coloring sheet is free!

Free dot to dot worksheets that involve math, letters, and puzzles.
Even more dot to dot preschool pages!

152. Free Dot To Dot Worksheets for Preschool

Keep your little one busy this St. Patrick’s day with 21 free dot to dot worksheets. Each St. Patrick’s day dot to dot sheet to learn letters, count, do puzzles, and more!

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153. Free Printable Rainbow Worksheets

Rainbows are a fun part of science and Christianity. Learn about both with these fun rainbow worksheets. With these rainbow printable worksheets you will get pages about: what rainbows are, who discovered the color spectrum, the meaning of rainbow, how to make your own, a rainbow recipe, and more interesting facts and experiments.

Printable Shamrock Coloring Pages Feature Image
Let’s color these St. Patrick’s day coloring pages.

154. Free Printable Shamrock Coloring Pages

These easy Shamrock coloring pages are great for kids of all ages, even younger kids who are developing fine motor skills through play.

155. St Patricks Coloring Pages

Here is a fun St Patrick’s Day picture to color. We love to print these on large paper and use them as holiday posters.

156. Rainbow Coloring Pages for Kids

simple steps kids can follow to learn how to draw a rainbow shown in pdf printed form on a colorful background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s learn how to draw a rainbow!

157. Learn How to Draw a Rainbow

Kids can follow the simple steps to make their own rainbow drawing. Download and print the instructions to practice again and again.

158. Play a Printable Hidden Pictures Game

This rainbow themed hidden picture printables are full of hide and seek fun, but you only need your pencil and maybe some crayons!

St. Patrick’s Day Science Experiments & Science Activities

Science is all around us and one of the things we love about childhood is that kids are full of curiosity making them the exact right age to be introduced to science! Here are a bunch of St Patrick’s Day science ideas that are perfect for play or learning…or both!

159. Leprechauns Never Lie Water Activity

Have some fun exploring water play with this Leprechauns Never Lie book inspired activity.

St. Patrick's day plant activity and Green shamrocks book by Eve Bunting.
We have a great plant activity for St. Patrick’s day.

160. St. Patrick’s Day Plant Activity

What is a St. Patrick’s day plant? It is shamrocks of course! This is the perfect St. Patrick’s day science activity. The best part is, you can pair this science activity with a book called Green Shamrocks by Eve Bunting.

161. Growing Shamrocks Experiment

Do you know how to grow shamrocks from seeds? This science activity actually makes growing shamrocks super easy. You won’t be growing shamrocks in the dirt, rather you’ll be growing them on a sponge!

St Patricks day baking soda and vinegar activity uncovering pennies and green plastic shamrocks.
Ready for some St. Patrick’s day science experiments?

162. St. Patrick’s Day Baking Soda And Vinegar Activity

Your kiddos will love this St. Patrick’s day baking soda and vinegar science activity! What you do is hide coins and green trinkets under colored baking soda, let them loose with vinegar in a spray bottle and watch the chemical reaction as they search through the foam for the treasure at the end of the rainbow.

163. Color Science Experiment for St Patricks Day

This color science experiment is perfect for St. Patrick’s day as once you finish the experiment you will have green! All you need is yellow water, blue water, paper towels, and an empty cup!

How to make magic rocks with green baking soda. Then you drop it into a bowl of vinegar and it fizzes away leaving coins.
Check out these St. Patrick’s day magic rocks.

164. How To Make Magic Rocks For St. Patrick’s Day

Want to do something fun for your kids? Then let us show you how to make magic rocks that the leprechaun’s can leave behind. This is a cute little leprechaun activity, however, to clean the rocks the kids will need to drop them in a bowl of vinegar. They will be amazed when the rocks fizzle and foam, and the surprise they’ll leave!

165. Baking Soda And Vinegar Rainbow

It is always a good day for science experiments and St. Patrick’s day is no different! This baking soda and vinegar rainbow experiment is so cool. Not only does it foam and fizzle, but it makes a bubbly rainbow.

Fizzy St. Patricks day painting of shamrocks using green paint, baking soda, and vinegar, to make the green shamrocks fizzy.
These magic fizzing shamrocks are so neat.

166. Fizzy St. Patrick’s Day Painting

Mix science and art with this fun St Patricks day science painting. You’ll need large cutouts of shamrocks, green paint, paint brushes, baking soda, pipettes, and vinegar. Your kids will love this fizzy St Patricks day painting.

167. Make Shamrock Crystals

Borax crystals are so easy to make and now you can pipe cleaner crystals on your own pipe cleaner shamrock. This is such a fun St. Patrick’s day science project.

Green science experiment where you make shamrocks out of pipe cleaners and then grow green crystals on it.
These green crystals are so cute and fun to make.

168. Green Science Experiments

Green science experiments are perfect for St. Patrick’s day! You’ll make shamrocks out of pipe cleaners and then grow your own green crystals! How awesome is this St. Patrick’s day science experiment? It’s like magic!

169. How To Make A Rainbow

Want to know how to make a rainbow? While you can’t make a real rainbow with this experiment, you can make rainbow paper! You can make regular black construction paper look like rainbow foil!

Gold science experiments with gold coins with shamrock stickers and vinegar.
Make your own gold coins!

170. Fool’s Gold Science Experiment

Science is so exciting! This fool’s gold science experiment is a great way to get your child into science. This gold experiment teaches your child about chemical reactions as vinegar touches the fool’s gold and your “gold” breaks down and foams.

171. Bubbling Black Leprechaun Cauldrons

Black Leprechaun cauldrons are a lot of  bubbling fun! Use different baking soda that has been filled with some vinegar, sparkles, and food coloring and add baking soda! These quickly become rainbow pots.

Green Flowers for st. patrick's day
Did you know you could turn daisies green?

172. Green Flowers Experiment

Green flowers make the perfect gift for friends and family this St. Patrick’s day. Plus, these St. Patricks day flowers are so much fun to make.

173. Rainbow In A Jar Science Activity

Teach your kids about density with this Rainbow in a jar activity. This liquid rainbow is made with different types of liquids with different viscosities and densities.

Skittles experiment that makes a rainbow in a glass with red liquids, green, yellow, orange, and blue fluids.
Learn about density and rainbows with skittles.

174. Skittles Rainbow Science Experiment

Since Skittles is about the rainbow then St. Patrick’s day is the perfect day to try this Skittles experiment. This Skittles science project will teach you how to make a rainbow in a glass!

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are particularly good for younger kids like toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Let’s see how kids can explore their senses with a St Patrick’s Day theme.

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This easy rainbow craft doubles as a sensory activity as your child uses colored rice to make a beautiful rainbow.
This rainbow rice project is a great sensory activity.

175. Easy Rainbow Crafts that are Sensory Experiences

176. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Activities

I love this St Patrick’s sensory bin. It is festive, yet educational. All you need is water, water beads, utensils, and plastic gold coins! It’s wet, the coins are rough, and the water beads are squishy. This sensory bin is perfect for toddlers!

St. Patrick's day sensory bin using fine white sand and green lucky coins as a child digs through the sand.
Dig for gold!

177. St. Patrick’s Day Projects For Toddlers

This St. Patrick’s day sensory bin is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! Dig through the fine sand to find the green lucky coins! Use your hands, tongs, and other utensils. You could also change it up and use rice cereal, rice, beans, anything with a unique texture will make a good sensory bin.

178. Homemade Sensory Bin For St. Patrick’s Day

Slime is the perfect for a homemade sensory bin. Who doesn’t love making green goo? This green St. Patrick’s day slime is  gooey, cold, goopy, and you can add so many different things in it to make the texture feel different. Squish it, pat it, use different utensils and mold it.

Homemade sensory bin with green garland, felt leprechaun, foam, gold coins, and glittered shamrocks.
Oh my gosh, this St. Patrick’s day sensory bin is so festive!

179. St. Patrick’s Day Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Here is another super cute homemade sensory bin. All you need is green tinsel, green and yellow foam, green St. Patrick’s day dice, golden coins, and glittered shamrocks. Don’t forget to add the felt Leprechaun to this St. Patrick’s day sensory bin.

180. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin

This is the ultimate Sensory activities for St Patrick’s day! It has everything! It has toy cards, cups and shovels, rainbow rice, rainbow jewelry, foam shamrocks, confetti, rainbow sand, empty cauldrons and more! This is one of my favorite Sensory activities for St Patrick’s day.

?tp image id=267378
Let’s get festive with this sensory bin.

181. St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Play

Fill up a cauldron with all the best St. Patrick’s day stuff for this awesome sensory activity for St. Patrick’s day. You’ll need sparkly Leprechaun hats, beans, coins, ribbon, green plastic flowers, and more! While this is a great St. Patrick’s day project for preschoolers, be careful with smaller kids as the beans are small and a choking hazard.

182. Rainbow Spaghetti Sensory Bin

Get colorful with this rainbow spaghetti sensory activity! The colored noodles make a pretty rainbow, and if you add whipped cream you’ll have rainbows and a cloud!

Rainbow bin with rainbow rice, black cauldron, green necklaces, wooden spoons, green coins, and a chest.
It’s a rainbow!

183. Sensory Rainbow Bin

St. Patrick’s day is all about the rainbows! This Rainbow bin is such a great rainbow sensory activity. You will need rainbow colored rice, green coins, a small chest, plastic black cauldrons, and something to dig with!

184. St. Patricks Day Sensory Bin

Using chopsticks to play with a sensory bin is a great way to work on fine motor skills. Plus, this sensory bin is a little different. It uses paper grass instead of rice or beans, but has all the fun stuff like gold coins and shamrock foam sticks.

I spy activity with rainbow rice and hidden objects like gold coins.
This rainbow I-spy bottle will keep your kids busy for hours!

185. Rainbow I Spy Activity

Here is a sensory activity that doesn’t require a bin. All you need is a bottle, colored rice, and little trinkets. This I Spy activity is great for hearing different sounds, but to find the hidden objects as well. Plus, this I spy bottle for preschoolers also can be used to calm down as they have to focus on finding the objects.

186. March Sensory Bin Ideas

Want some March sensory bin ideas? Make a St. Patrick’s sensory bin! This March sensory bin is filled with green lentils, green beads, rainbow fruit loops, metal cups, plastic spoons, paper, ribbons, and more!

Sensory Activities For St. Patrick's Day

187. Sensory Activities For St. Patrick’s Day

Are you looking for more festive St. Patrick’s day sensory bin ideas? Here is a fun list of St. Patrick’s day sensory activities to choose from! Some are already on this list and others are not, like the fun rainbow Jell-O sensory bin.

Rainbow Crafts for Kids

We love colorful rainbow crafts because they may or may not have a pot of gold at the end. While we are showing these as part of a St Patrick’s Day theme, they work all year long!

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188. Colorful Rainbow Yarn Art for Preschool

This easy yarn art for kids makes a rainbow. Add a pot of gold for your St Patrick’s Day art!

189. Paper Mosaic Rainbow

This sweet paper plate rainbow craft uses different colors of craft paper mosaic “tiles” and is great for kids of all ages.

190. Make Rainbow Jewelry with Paper Beads

Once you know how to make paper beads, you can make almost any color jewelry! We love using the colors of the rainbow for a new bracelet.

191. Let’s Make Rainbow Scratch Art

This rainbow scratch art is really easy and fun and kids won’t be able to stop making new and colorful masterpieces.

192. Make Rainbow Sugar Scrub

Older kids will love making this homemade rainbow sugar scrub recipe. If you are making it for St Patrick’s Day add in the pot of gold.

Whew! We started with 100 and now are at 192…if you know of any fun St Patrick’s Day crafts we missed, please add them in the comments below.

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