2024 Greenhouse Disease and Insect Management Guide Released by MSU

For the 2024 greenhouse season, Michigan State University Extension has updated its insect and disease management recommendation guides. Amended annually, these guides are made possible by MSU Extension specialists and colleagues in the industry who perform research trials to evaluate the effectiveness of pesticide products regarding greenhouse insects, mites, and diseases.

So, what can we learn from the updates to the 2024 guides?

2024 greenhouse disease management

Headlined by MSU Extension plant pathologist Mary Hausbeck, the “2024 Greenhouse Disease Management” guide consists of products graded from “B-” to “A+”.

Products in the “A” team offer a high level of disease control and resistance.

Products in the “B” team offer a good but more limited level of disease control and resistance.

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Products from the “A” team are more effective during the outset of disease symptoms, as well as during high disease-pressure weather conditions. Meanwhile, in less strenuous conditions, “B” products are perfectly suitable.

Lastly, regardless of whether a grower uses “A” or “B” products, the use of fungicide products should be alternated throughout the growing season based on FRAC (Fungicide Resistance Action Committee) codes. FRAC codes, found on the first page of the product’s label, are dictated by the fungicide’s mode of action. Following FRAC codes, and diversifying your use of fungicides, is the best way to lower the risk of a pathogen developing a resistance to a particular product.

2024 greenhouse insect management

The “2024 Greenhouse Insect Pest Management” guide provides readers with a list of recommended pesticides and other products used for controlling insects and protecting greenhouse horticulture and floriculture production.

To make it easy for growers to search for and access information, products are organized and presented by:

  • Trade name
  • Active ingredient
  • Mode of action (MoA) group 
  • Restricted entry interval (REI)

What’s new for 2024?

Notable changes to disease and insect control management recommendations for the 2024 guides include the following:

First, there have been many changes to products recommended for Botrytis control based on new testing. Broadform has been added to the “A” team and Emblem has been newly tested.

Second, despite the success and continued varieties developed regarding the impatiens downy mildew program, as featured in the 2023 guide, a fungicide program is now recommended for extra assurance.


To download the “2024 Greenhouse Disease Management” and “2024 Greenhouse Insect Pest Management” guides, please visit MSU Extension’s Floriculture & Greenhouse Crop Production website. 

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