49ers owner Jed York on Brock Purdy potentially being one of NFL’s highest-paid QBs: ‘That’s a good problem’

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy’s contract has been one of the best values in the NFL, and even though the team will have to invest heavily when the rising star is eligible for a new deal after the 2024 season, 49ers owner Jed York said he isn’t dreading the investment San Francisco will have to make in its starter, “because that’s the most important position that exists.”

Purdy’s current deal ranks 60th among quarterbacks in total value, according to Spotrac.com. But Purdy, 24, finished with the No. 1 QBR in the NFL last season and was an MVP finalist in addition to guiding the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance.

That resume likely means the former seventh-round pick is due for a big raise when he becomes eligible and York says that’s a good problem to have.

“I think that’s a good problem when your quarterback is one of the highest-paid guys on your team and in the league,” he said. “So there’s a lot of planning that goes into it, but I’m glad we have Paraag (Marathe), (John Lynch), Kyle (Shanahan) — they’re the ones that are going to figure out the details of it. I just have to sign the check. My part in that is kind of easy.”

York emphasized that it won’t be hard to sign that check when the time comes.

“The market is what the market is,” he said. “It’s not like Brock is going to ask for something that no one has ever asked for before. You have, I don’t know how many players making over $40 million as a quarterback right now.

“When we signed Jimmy (Garoppolo) so many years ago, it was the largest deal in the history of the NFL for three minutes. We paid Jimmy $26 or $27 (million), and the market has just changed. Whether I like it or not, that’s what the market is and you have to accept the reality of the world. And to me, quarterback is not just the most important position in football, but all of sports and those guys should be paid a lot of money.”

There are currently four quarterbacks making over $50 million annually and eight more making at least $40 million annually in the NFL. The quarterback market has soared and it’s very likely to continue doing so over the next year, before Purdy is eligible for an extension of his own.

Purdy is already building a very strong case to be paid big money. In 2023, Purdy finished fifth in passing yards (4,280) and third in passing touchdowns (31). Purdy must show he can sustain good play through the 2024 season, but the 49ers are excited that he might even be able to use this offseason to improve.

“I’m just pumped Brock gets an offseason,” Shanahan said. “His first season, he didn’t get much of one because he was the third quarterback. Last year, he couldn’t throw with us until training camp. This year, he just got married and he’s fully healthy. He’s going to come back here in a couple weeks and we’ll get going. I’m just pumped to be able to go through the film with him and be on the field with him.”

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