Adam Driver, 'Ferrari' star, has choice words for folks who don't like the crash scenes

Oh, you aren’t a fan of the simulated car-crash scenes in Michael Mann’s upcoming film “Ferrari”?

Well, the movie’s star, Adam Driver, has a message for you: “F— you.”

For the record:

6:23 p.m. Nov. 13, 2023This article has been updated to include a statement from film festival director and founder Marek Zydowicz. Also, an earlier version of the article misquoted the audience member as saying the scenes in question were “pretty harsh, rusty and I must say, cheesy.” The quote was actually “pretty harsh, drastic and I must say, cheesy.”

After a Sunday screening of the Enzo Ferrari 2023 biopic at Poland’s Camerimage Film Festival, Driver was asked by an audience member what he thought about the film’s crash sequences.

“What do you think about the crash scenes?” the attendee said to the “House of Gucci” actor, as seen in a video captured on social media. “They looked pretty harsh, drastic, and I must say, cheesy, for me. What do you think?”

Driver curtly answered, “F— you. I don’t know. Next question.”

The unusual response was met with shock and laughter from the audience. Representatives for Driver did not immediately respond to The Times’ request for comment.

The film festival’s director and founder, Marek Zydowicz, shared a statement about the situation.

“As is the case with any film festival featuring open conversations with invited artists, [there are] both sensible and completely trivial questions and comments,” Zydowicz said in his remarks to Deadline. “In my opinion, the question raised during the Q&A with Adam Driver belonged to the second category. It was an assessment, lacking deeper reasoning, which is against the spirit of our festival and the work we are aiming to achieve.”

Driver stars as Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the luxury sports car manufacturer that bears his surname, in the film that takes place during the summer of 1957. The movie, which documents the personal and professional struggles of the Italian automotive magnate, also stars Penélope Cruz, Patrick Dempsey and Shailene Woodley.

At the 2023 Venice Film Festival in September, the film was nominated for the Golden Lion award, the highest honor given to a movie screened at the event. It ultimately lost out to Yorgos Lanthimos’ “Poor Things.”

The “Marriage Story” actor has been promoting the movie over the last few months, even amid the recently ended SAG-AFTRA strike, because the independent film signed an interim agreement with the guild that allowed him to show up to events and talk about his work.

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