Crypto is in its spring era: BlockDAG blooms and Bitcoin bulls

So you’ve been stacking and loading your bags with crypto all bear market–basically all of 2023–and now springtime has finally come back around and you’re jumping around, pure excitement fills the air as Bitcoin (BTC) faintly touches that $66,000 mark. It feels good. 

Now you’re holding tight hoping for that bullish run to $100,000 in the next few months. It’s possible, everyone is saying it. And you believe it (we all do). Now that you’ve put in the time, and you’ve put in the money, you’re watching it grow, what is next on that crypto to-do list? Do you just sit back and hope for the best? That wouldn’t be smart. 

As Crypto enters its spring era and capital invested starts flourishing, new projects like BlockDAG Network offer the perfect opportunity to start sowing now and reap the blossoming rewards as soon as 2024’s third quarter. 

Bitcoin (and Crypto): Mooning 

The Bulls are In – Bitcoin kicks off the week above the $66,000 mark, tantalizingly close to its record peak of $69,044 reached back on November 10, 2021. On Monday, the “father” of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, surged by +6% on the weekend, while also registering an impressive 27% increase in the last week alone, as revealed by CoinGecko data. According to financial analysts, this 6% surge could potentially propel Bitcoin to equal (and surpass) its all-time high very soon, putting it at the forefront of the “crypto-spring.” 

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The surge in Bitcoin’s price offers a glimmer of hope to investors, signaling a resurgence of confidence in its long-term potential. As institutions increasingly embrace Bitcoin and its role as a hedge against inflation gains traction, there’s a renewed sense of optimism permeating the market. This upward momentum serves as a beacon of opportunity for those who have placed their trust in the resilience and prospects of the leading cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin saw an astounding $27 billion in trading volume on Monday, with Mark Thompson, Chief Economist at Blockchain Analytics Corp, noting that “this surge in trading volume highlights a burgeoning interest and increased participation in the cryptocurrency market.”

What’s more, is that the significant uptick in trading activity provides another sign of the declining preference for weekend Bitcoin trading among investors. According to Thompson, this trend implies that investors are increasingly engaging with their digital portfolios during weekdays, aiming, even more, to seize emerging market prospects.

Biggest Boom Since Bitcoin: The BlockDAG Bloom

An Emerging Market, a Fire (pre)Sale – The BlockDAG Network bull run is here now, creating an increasingly hotter avenue of investment for venture capitalists around the globe. 

Screenshot 2024 03 05 130723.pngScreenshot 2024 03 05 130723.png

Investors are witnessing the next leap forward in blockchain technology with BlockDAG Network, a project inspired by the pioneering spirit of Kaspa, yet predicted–and destined, to surpass it in both speed and security (and returns). BlockDAG Network isn’t just following in its predecessors’ footsteps; it’s carving out its own path by incorporating cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology into its system.

This leads to blockchain technology where block additions happen simultaneously, eliminating the dreaded bottlenecks and ushering, opening up a new era of scalability and blossoming returns of capital. BlockDAG brings to the digital investment table lightning-fast transaction confirmations at a staggering rate of 10 blocks per second, with plans to push the boundaries even further to 100 blocks per second—all without compromising on security.

At a current price of just $0.0015 per BDAG in its second presale batch, BlockDAG is offering early investors a golden opportunity. With each new subsequent batch, the price of BDAG will climb, reaching $0.05 by the final round. This trajectory sets the stage for an over 3000% return on investment upon launch, making BlockDAG a standout contender to Bitcoin and other major altcoins in the crypto landscape of 2024.

With billions anticipated to pour into both the Bitcoin and altcoin markets in the coming years, there’s no better time than now to shift attention toward new and emerging projects. Keep stacking, keep blooming.   

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Disclaimer: This is a paid post and should not be treated as news/advice.  

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