Cultivate’24 Will Offer Advice From Growers for Growers

One of the benefits of attending an event like Cultivate is the wide range of educational opportunities. And who better to learn from than your peers?

Thankfully, Cultivate’24 provides a number of chances to gain insights from other growers in the floriculture industry. Here’s a closer look at some highlights from the schedule.

Tackling Efficiency Unconventionally (Saturday, July 13)

Who doesn’t have problems? We all do. How you combat them is what will set you apart from your competitors. In this presentation, Jonathan Cude of Sedan Floral will discuss unconventional ways to problem-solve in the greenhouse. Discover firsthand how Sedan Floral has embraced cutting-edge technologies, streamlined workflows, and implemented unique strategies to enhance productivity and sustainability. Cude will share his experiences, challenges, and key takeaways, offering attendees valuable insights into optimizing operational efficiency in the floral production sector.

Navigating IPM Choices (Sunday, July 14)

Greenhouse Grower’s Hot Takes on Coleus, Phlox, and Azaleas

Should you use chemical control or biological bontrol? Both biological control and chemical control have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice between the two methods depends on a variety of factors, including the type of pest and the crops being grown. Hear from Andy Fields of Goodmark Nurseries, Matt Foertmeyer of Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse, and Jennifer Moss of Moss Greenhouses.

Visioning to 2025: Ways to Increase Revenue Growth (Sunday, July 14)

Hear from three industry leaders, including Mari Carrasquillo of Costa Farms, on how they are achieving increased revenues by changing the way they operate. Hear how new sources of revenues for independent garden centers will come from relationships that are based in an online marketplace and newly created supplier relationships with drop shippers who take the day-to-day operations of the direct-to-consumer management out of the hands of the retailer.

Using Banker Plants and Associated Beneficials for IPM (Monday, July 15)

Russell Freierto of Metrolina Greenhouses shares a decade-long journey towards an effective biocontrol program. Committed to reducing their pesticide footprint, Metrolina initially faced challenges in implementing banker plant systems within their greenhouses, encountering issues with irrigation and optimal distribution. Undeterred, they took the initiative to extend these practices outdoors, strategically grouping banker plants for better watering management and protection against environmental factors. Learn how the Metrolina team identified optimal host plants, including Queen Anne’s lace and sunflowers, fostering a habitat that attracts natural predators.

Grass Roots Advocacy: Your Business as an Outreach and Engagement Tool (Monday, July 15)

Unlock the power of grassroots advocacy and transform your business into a dynamic outreach and engagement tool. Explore the critical role of advocacy at local, state, and federal levels and discover the profound impact your business can have on community growth. In this presentation, Mike Gooder of Plantpeddler will emphasize the importance of advocacy and provide tangible examples for sowing seeds of positive change in your community and how to foster long-term relationships. Learn how Plantpeddler has worked to establish its reputation as a community leader. Witness the transformative effects of outreach efforts and cultivate a thriving community presence.

Enhancing Customer and Staff Experience (Monday, July 15)

Discover the art of creating a memorable customer experience while nurturing a positive workplace culture. This session focuses on innovative strategies to uplift both your customer and staff experience. Learn from Melanie Bedner of Bedner’s Farn and Greenhouse and others how to build a customer-centric environment that resonates with your team, fostering a cohesive and fulfilling brand experience that benefits everyone involved.

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