Cutest Printable Easter Egg Craft Template & Egg Coloring Pages

These free printable Easter egg coloring pages are the cutest Easter egg craft template that kids of all ages can use to color, cut and paste into a fun Easter paper craft. The egg template can be transformed into a cute Easter egg bunny, Easter egg duck or Easter egg dog and is a fun way to celebrate at home or in the classroom.

Let’s use the printable Easter egg template for a fun Easter paper craft!

Printable Easter Egg Coloring Pages & Egg Template

Download and print the 4 pages of paper egg coloring and decorating templates then make your own: Easter egg bunny, Easter egg duck and Easter egg dog. Click the button below to download our cute printable Egg character craft:

Choose from the different choices for eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet and accessories. Or you can make any combination of the parts into a different egg creature! This Easter paper craft is so fun and would be great for any age child. The four sheet set has everything you need to decorate paper eggs!  

Printable Easter Egg Craft Template

Easter Egg Craft Template Coloring Pages - Egg Pals 2 Eggs to Color - Kids Activities Blog - pdf of page one of printable set
Print the page of 2 eggs as the body of your egg paper dolls!

1. Printable Egg Coloring Page

This is the first page of the printable egg template set.  It is an egg coloring page that has two large egg shapes that you can start by coloring or leave white.  Once you have them colored the way you want, then cut them out so you can use them as the base of the rest of this Easter paper craft.

Easter Egg Body Parts craft template  - Feet and Hands - Printable Easter egg Templates

2. Free Printable Template for Decorative Egg Pieces Coloring Page

On this page of the egg coloring set are feet and hand pieces that you can color and then cut out and paste onto your egg. 

There are three sets here to choose from:

  • Duck feet and wings
  • Bunny feet and hands
  • Dog?  Or is it people feet and hands…you decide!
Color these Easter egg accessory pieces craft template - eyes noses mouths ears beaks - printable Easter egg template pdf files
Your egg is going to be so cute with these eyes, noses, mouths, ears and beaks!

3. Printable Egg Accessory Coloring Page

Now we are getting into some real fun!

Check out all these accessory pieces you can color, cut out and paste onto your Easter egg.  They include four types of eyes, big bunny ears, big human ears, bunny nose, duck beak, smile and a round nose.

Coloring page of egg hats and other accessories craft template - Kids Activities blog - printable Easter egg template pdf files
These coloring page pieces are like the icing on your Easter egg!

4. Free Easter Egg Accessories Coloring Page

Oh the Easter egg cuteness!  I love this Uncle Sam hat, Easter bunny basket, bat, ball cap, baseball and a carrot.  Each piece can be colored, cut out and pasted onto your Easter egg paper craft.

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Supplies You Will Need for this Easter Egg Paper Craft

Download & Print the Easter Egg Paper Craft Template PDF Files Here

This Easter printable set is a fun way to spend an afternoon at home or would work as a classroom activity…


Did your kids love coloring the Easter egg coloring pages and then making Easter egg pals with the free printable Easter egg template (grab our pinwheel template here)?

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