‘For now, it’s the Commanders’: Washington co-owner Marjorie Harris plans to stick with team name

Washington Commanders co-owner Marjorie Harris said the franchise will stick with its much-discussed team name — at least in the short term.

Harris was asked Wednesday after a Washington Post poll indicated most D.C.-area sports fans said they either dislike or hate the Commanders’ name.

“Everybody has an opinion about the name. Some good, some bad, some in the middle. And I think that we have a lot of work to do and so that name issue is going to be on the side for now until we can get things going,” she said.

Washington changed its name to the Commanders on Feb. 2, 2022. The team played as the Washington Football Team for two seasons before that, retiring its old moniker in 2020 after years of backlash.

The Harrises purchased the team from Dan Snyder last year, raising questions about whether the relatively new Commanders name would stick. But a name change doesn’t sound like an immediate priority for new ownership. The 2024 season will mark Washington’s third with its current name.

“I had a whole day out in the community, and I kept referring to the team as the Commanders,” Harris said. “And you know what? Sounds pretty good to me.

“So, for now, it’s the Commanders.”

The story will be updated.

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