Former Red Rock GMC finance director arrested for identity theft

According to a Mesa County affidavit filed Aug. 2, Miller initially denied she was involved in these calls, saying the voice on the recordings belonged to someone named Tiffany who started working at the dealership after she left. Voice recordings of the call indicated that Miller called Credit Union Direct saying “This is Tif … ” before changing her name to that of the female credit applicant. Also during the call, Morris allegedly impersonated the man buying the car with the woman.

In an affidavit, Morris said impersonating customers was just part of the business and the store sales manager encouraged the behavior. Morris said he was terminated for getting caught, not for making the call.

But Bryan Knight, a minority owner in Red Rock GMC, told Automotive News the dealership does not condone its finance staff impersonating car buyers on the phone to lenders.

“We’re committed to honesty and integrity in every aspect of our business and our relationships with our customers,” Knight said. “That’s why when we learned of the alleged misconduct, we swiftly investigated and terminated their employment.”

He said Wednesday he wasn’t aware this had been happening and still hasn’t heard the recording of these calls that the police have as part of the investigation. He first learned of the situation when Credit Union Direct paused Red Rock GMC’s access to its dealer support system and contacted him Oct. 4, 2022. After hearing the allegations, Red Rock terminated Miller’s employment the next day, Knight said. Morris, who reported to Miller, also was fired.

Red Rock GMC is part of Red Rock Auto Group, which also has dealerships selling Honda, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan vehicles.

On Oct. 20, 2022, the case was transferred to the Colorado Department of Revenue’s auto industry division for further investigation. In May 2023, the case was returned to the Grand Junction Police Department since the allegations were for “felony criminal activity,” the affadavit said.

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