Free Printable June Calendar

Hello Sunshine! Not only do we have two printable June calendars ready for a free download, we’ve also got some month of June facts that you’re going to love. So prepare for the first month of summer and make way for some summer love!

start summer off the right way with a printable june calendar!

Blank June Calendar Pages to Print

But before we get to the important dates, fun facts, and important events in the sixth month of the year (and officially the first month of summer!), we need to give it up for the stars of June: the dads, the stepdads, and the father figures! Click the green button to download the blank June calendar printable for kids:

June was named after the Roman goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and the god of marriage and childbirth. And while we recognize the significance of the inspiration, June is all about dads, with Father’s Day happening every third Sunday in June in the United States.

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Its also all about the American flag in the United States with Flag Day on June 14th too. Juneteenth on June 19th is another notable calendar addition in June as well as the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere which falls on June 21st. 

No matter which way you look at it, June is a very special month with a special day or two for everyone! And what better way to celebrate it than with color and black and white blank June printable calendars?

Full Color June Blank Calendar

Full color June printable, for kids, students and adults. printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
say hello to summer with the full color june printable calendar!

Our first June printable calendar is in full color for the bright and beautiful summer month of June! What a great way to way to greet summer!

Black and White June Blank Calendar

Black and white June printable, for kids, students and adults. Printed pdf version from Kids activities blog.
bring the colors of june to life with the black & white printable calendar

Our second printable calendar is in black and white and is waiting for you to get creative and colorful and really make it your own!

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Creative Ideas For Your June Monthly Calendars

  • Play With the Paper Size – Because they’re in PDF format, you can print the blank calendars in a variety of sizes and formats. From a desk calendar to a portrait orientation wall calendar and even smaller pocket calendars, the options are limitless! 
  • Print a Variety of Calendars – Instead of overloading one June calendar with too much info, rather print a few calendars for different uses. One for a school calendar, one for personal use, one for daily activities and any other uses you can think of! 
  • Create a Summer Holiday Calendar – Why not devote one printable June calendar for holiday and vacation planner? If you have enough time off you can include a travel planner too. 
  • Create an Employee Schedule – These calendars are ideal to print out at work and use as a task, milestone or general employee schedule. 

June Major Holidays and Observances

  • All of June: Pride Month
  • June 1: Dinosaur Day
  • June 2: American Indian Citizenship Day
  • June 4: Cancer Survivors Day
  • June 5: World Environment Day
  • June 8: National Best Friends Day
  • June 11: Corn on the Cob Day
  • June 14: National Flag Day
  • June 18: Father’s Day (In the US and a few other countries)
  • June 19: Juneteenth National Independence Day (One of the official US Federal Holidays)
  • June 20: National American Eagle Day
  • June 21: Summer Solstice (The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere)
  • June 29: National Camera Day



We love all twelve of the months on our Gregorian calendar, but with Father’s Day, the start of summer, and some other amazing observances, June is surely one of our favorites!

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