Get Your Boss to Say Yes: Why Skift Global Forum is a Must-Attend Event

Plus some quick talking points for convincing your boss that the Forum is worth the company’s investment:

Showcase the Content, Speakers, and Networking Opportunities

Skift Global Forum brings together the brightest minds, leaders, and innovators from around the world, giving you the opportunity to network and learn on a global level. By participating in this event, you will gain valuable insights into emerging trends, cutting-edge technologies, and disruptive strategies that can help you stay ahead of the competition. It’s an unparalleled opportunity to learn from industry pioneers and ensure you are at the forefront of the travel landscape.

Pitch Skift Global Forum as a Group Outing

Why attend solo when you can bring your colleagues and SAVE money? Invite the whole team and turn it into a company gathering. Whether your team works remotely, hybrid, or in the office, team bonding is always a good idea. Best outcome? Your team returns to the office ready and filled with new innovative ideas to implement. Plus, you maximize savings. Groups of 2-6 people can save $350 per ticket (that’s up to $2,100 off!). A win-win.

Use Personal Examples

If you’ve been to a Skift conference or similar events and found it beneficial, share your experience with your boss. Describe how the event helped you grow professionally and how it impacted your work. Identify the skills and capabilities your boss values most in you, then demonstrate how your attendance helped you gain insight and benefited growth in your role.

“This is the best conference in the business. There’s really nothing that comes close.”

– Airline Industry Expert

“The forum was filled with lots of insights. Sitting just meters away from industry icons who’ve been an inspiration was surreal. Meeting people from around the world who are pushing the boundaries of travel and tourism was truly enlightening.”

– Travel Strategist

“It was my first time attending a Skift event and I was mighty impressed. Skift has become *the* source of travel intelligence. This shone through in the caliber of the speakers and the attendees.”


Finally, explain how attending SGF can help you grow professionally and expand your network. Once you return, you can tap into that network for new ideas and opportunities.

Ask for Formal Approval

If you have a close relationship with your boss, you can make your case organically over video chat or in-person. But if a request in writing helps, ask for formal approval through an email. We have an email draft you can use, our Convince Your Boss letter — feel free to customize as you need.

Your boss may not be prepared to act on your request immediately, and they may need to get approval from other decision-makers. Send your request early so your boss has time to consider the proposal. The earlier you are able to purchase a ticket, the lower the price will be. Ready to purchase? Click here to register now.

For any questions, please don’t hesitate to read our FAQ, or reach out to [email protected]. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Skift Global Forum Registration

Discounted price of $2,695 (Solo) and $2,345 (Group) for a limited time only. Full-price tickets are $3,495 (Solo) and $3,145 (Group).

Please read our FAQ for details about refunds, safety procedures, and other details.

Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers to Skift Research, Skift Pro, Daily Lodging Report, and Airline Weekly receive discounts off full-price tickets to in-person events. Visit our Subscriber Benefits page to find your discount code. 

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