Herschel Walker explains why he wore the badge at Senate debate

Herschel Walker was the Republican candidate for Georgia’s Senate. He explained why he wore a badge during Friday’s debate with Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock.

After Warnock attacked Walker’s past behavior and false claims that he worked in law enforcement, Walker presented the badge to Warnock. A moderator repeatedly asked Walker to remove the badge, citing debate rules which prohibit the use of props.

Walker, when asked about the moment and whether the badge conferred him with arresting authority, insisted that it was a “legit”, badge that he received from law enforcement. He also said that he always carries it.

Walker stated, “I have badges throughout the state of Georgia,” and added that he also has an “honorary Sheriff badge” from Chatham County where Warnock hails.

Walker presented a badge that he claimed was from Johnson County where he grew up during the interview.

He said, “If something happens in this county I have the right work with the police getting it done.” “People don’t know that I’ve worked with law enforcement for many years.

Walker said, “But they have the right to call me whenever and wherever they want me.”

Walker denied that he had worn a badge while addressing the debate, even though the National Sheriffs Association stated it was “for the trophy case.”

Walker stated that a sheriff who gave me the badge, who had been there for many years, was there for many years, came out to do a press conference and said Herschel has been with us for years, he’d been working alongside us.”

“I will always support my men and women. Walker said that this is why they support me. “I have more sheriffs who have supported Herschel Walk, and more sheriffs that support Herschel Wade in Georgia than any candidate running right now.”

Walker denied that he embellished his connections to law enforcement.

Walker stated, “I am right because I have been working in law enforcement and I have been working with law enforcement.” It was before I decided to run. This did not have anything to do with my running for office. People say this because they are talking.

Walker was given the honorary badge by the Johnson County sheriff. He said that Walker brought it up during his campaign.

Walker denied a claim by his ex-partner who is the mother to one of his children that he had paid for her 2009 abortion. Walker acknowledged that he had given her a $700 check, but she denied that he knew it was for an abortion.

Walker, an antiabortion Republican who was a former football star, stated that it was a lie in the interview which aired Monday night on “TODAY.” “Prove I did that. “It doesn’t matter if you show me such things.”

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