How to Improve the Young Plant-Finished Grower Communication Process

Greenhouse Grower recently conducted a survey of young plant growers in which we asked about topics ranging from plug and liner production to the biggest challenges they are facing. You can find an overview of the survey results here.

One of the questions we asked in this year’s survey was about the areas in which finished growers could improve their interaction and communication with their young plant suppliers for a better working relationship. Here’s a closer look at a few of the responses.

  • “Most communication happens with and through the broker sales reps. We would appreciate hearing more feedback about our plants, both good and bad. I share any feedback and especially photos with our growing and operations teams.”
  • “Communication with our brokers with feedback to us.”
  • “Improve quality, especially perennial and woody growers. Their quality standards seem incredibly low.”
  • “Get their needs to us sooner.”
  • “Come to our open house when invited. Support was always very light.”
  • “The broker sales rep is usually the conduit to the finished grower interaction and communication. When needed and if allowed, we go directly to the finished grower, which is very helpful.”
  • “Ask that they give us a report card directly or through the broker reps.”
  • “Place firm orders early and take the whole order.”
  • “Order earlier, advise of problems promptly.”

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