Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde slam ‘false claims’ from a former nanny as ‘scurrilous’: ‘Incredibly disturbing’

Jason Sudeikis & Olivia Wilde will unite to contest claims made by their former babysitter about the details of their split.

The couple made a joint statement, saying that it was extremely upsetting to hear from a former nanny to our children.

“Her 18-month-long campaign of harassment against us, our loved ones, and close friends, has reached its tragic climax. The statement stated that we will continue to work on raising and protecting our children, with the sincere hope she will leave our family alone.

They are the parents of Otis, 8, and Daisy, 6.

After Wilde and Sudeikis gave an interview, Wilde and Sudeikis made their statement. She claimed that Sudeikis found Wilde in a relationship with Harry Styles through e-mails from an Apple Watch and that Styles was so upset by the relationship, he laid under Wilde’s car to prevent Wilde from visiting Styles.

“When I returned from a weekend off on Monday, Nov. 9, [Jason] started crying a lot. He was crying and crying all the time. “I didn’t know what had occurred at all,” said the anonymous nanny to the Daily Mail.

Jason came upstairs after I had got the children ready and was enjoying a cup of coffee. He was in tears and was a mess when he said, “She left us.” “She left us!”

According to the nanny, Sudeikis had also banned staffers from playing Styles music in their home. According to reports, she worked for the family for over three years.

An anonymous caregiver claimed that Sudeikis had fired her in February 2021. However, a Wilde rep told the outlet that she resigned and was not fired.

Jason is someone I sympathize with. Jason and I shared a home and many good times. The outlet was told by the nanny that the worst times were terrible.

Jason was a good man. He tried his best to make it work. She said that Jason left everything behind to seek therapy and to make a better effort to succeed.

After the first meeting in 2011, Wilde and Sudeikis declared their engagement in 2013. Their nine-year-long romance ended in November 2020.

Wilde received custody papers in public while Wilde spoke to more than 4,000 professionals from the film industry at CinemaCon about her new movie “Don’t Worry Darling” Sudeikis’ petition for the custody of the children in New York was rejected despite the public display. In August, a judge declared California the home state of the children. According to reports, the filing was signed on Aug. 5.

After meeting Wilde on the 2020 set of “Don’t Worry Darling”, Wilde started dating the “One Direction heartthrob. After working together on the project, Wilde and Styles became closer. They were married in January 2021 at Styles’ manager Jeff Azoff’s wedding.

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