Mark McLeod: What to do when things don’t go as planned

It is unlikely to expect or assume that a long-term career in real estate is not going to be faced with challenges and its ups and downs. 

This requires energy and it’s never lost on me that we’re constantly dealing with consumers who are always looking for the best outcome for themselves. 

How you avoid the ‘slumps’, so to speak, and how you react to them when they occur is a great topic of discussion. 

Let’s start with a few of my fundamental thoughts and my definition of a slump.

“A slump is only when you expect something to happen without doing the work.”

That in itself sounds simple, but you must remember that this is the only industry where your success starts to create your failure. 

For example, you hit the phones hard and all of a sudden you wake up with a number of bits of stock in your keeping. 

Now, you have to focus on selling that stock and now stock has taken your focus away from completing the activities that got you the stock in the first place. 

Your failure has commenced. 

We have all heard the stories of putting the big rocks into the jar first.

Prospecting is and always will be a big rock.

It must be prioritised over all things and, if you don’t, then I will guarantee that you will have more downs than ups in this industry. 

My best advice for when things aren’t’ going your way is to go back to foundational practices.

Up the ante on the phone calls, revisit your open for inspection list for the past six months and phone all of your past sales to say ‘Hi’.

Basically, go harder at the ball. 

My final bit of advice is to own Saturday. 

Our data shows us through our NurtureCloud platform that Saturday has about a 20 per cent higher connection rate and you get more bang for your buck on a Saturday.

Double up on your opens.

If you look around your market place, most opens will well and truly die down after 1pm.

Own the afternoon.

I’m quite sure the lookers don’t stop looking.

It seems the agents stop showing. 

Real estate is quite a simple business.

If you throw more rocks more often, you will eventually win.

Well structured and disciplined agents never run out of stock.

If you do or are running out of stock, which one don’t you have?

The discipline or the structured?

You know the answer. 

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