Mitchell’s Nursery Expands with New Greenhouse Construction

Mitchell's Nursery sign announcing work in progress new greenhouse at Dalton Rd. garden center location

Construction sign for new greenhouse | Mitchell’s Nursery

Mitchell’s Nursery of King, NC, has started a new project this summer. At its Dalton Rd. garden center, the nursery has initiated the construction of a new, state-of-the-art greenhouse, scheduled for completion by early fall. This expansion coincides with the arrival of the holiday season and the nursery’s celebrated display of poinsettias.

The groundbreaking for the new greenhouse began in June. The new facility, designed to be energy-efficient and spacious, will cover eight new bays. This modern greenhouse will enhance the capacity of Mitchell’s Nursery to grow a wider variety of plants and improve the quality of the growing and shopping experience for consumers.

Mitchell's Nursery construction site for new greenhouse

Greenhouse construction site | Mitchell’s Nursery

Mitchell’s is thrilled that its new greenhouse will allow for a greater ability to achieve its goal of providing customers with the best possible plants and flowers. The new construction will support the growth of healthier poinsettias and other seasonal and year-round house plants easily accessible to the nursery’s patrons.

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Assuming the greenhouses’ completion keeps schedule with completion by early fall, the structure will then be ready for its first batch of poinsettias, ensuring they’re in perfect condition for the peak holiday shopping season. Additionally, the new greenhouse will enable Mitchell’s Nursery to expand its offerings throughout the year. Customers can look forward to an expanded selection of houseplants, perennials, and exotic species, all cultivated under ideal conditions.

Mitchell's Nursery construction site for new greenhouse 2

Greenhouse construction site | Mitchell’s Nursery

The community has expressed enthusiasm for the project as they continue to support Mitchell’s Nursery and shop for plants during the new greenhouse’s construction. Meanwhile, long-time patrons and local gardening enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the benefits of this new addition.

Mitchell’s Nursery plans to host a grand opening event for the greenhouse once it is completed, inviting customers to tour the new facility and learn more about greenhouse growing.

As construction progresses, the team at Mitchell’s remains committed to bringing beauty and joy to the community through high-quality plants and exceptional service. The new greenhouse at Mitchell’s Nursery is a testament to this commitment, promising a blooming future for our community.

For additional information and on-site photos, please read the original release found on the Mitchell’s Nursery & Greenhouse website.

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