NASA plans to launch Artemis’ test flight on Nov. 14

NASA plans to launch Artemis I on Nov. 14, the space agency announced Wednesday. This is after it postponed the first uncrewed test flight in a capsule that would carry humans back to Earth from technical problems and bad weather.

NASA announced on its website that the next attempt to launch the Space Launch System rocket carrying the Orion spacecraft will be made during a 69-minute window. It opens on Wednesday, November 14, at 12:07 AM EST. NASA plans to return the rocket to the launch site as soon as Friday, November 4.

NASA was forced to postpone the launch of its uncrewed test flight due to stubborn fuel leakage and Hurricane Ian’s arrival.

After decades of spaceflight programs that emphasized low-orbit missions using space shuttles, the Artemis I mission marks a significant turning point in NASA’s post-Apollo human spaceflight program.

Artemis is named after Apollo’s twin sister in ancient Greek mythology. It aims to bring astronauts back to the moon’s surface by 2025. However, experts think that this timeframe will slip.

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