Netherlands vs Austria live updates: Euro 2024 latest score and goal alerts

It is Hamburg on the opening Sunday of the European Championship and the north German port city is cosplaying as Amsterdam.

The Reeperbahn is a carpet of orange fans, stretching, swaying, and bouncing as far as the eye can see. For many, it is simply not a Euros without the noise and colour provided by Dutch supporters, possibly the most vociferous in Europe.

On this afternoon, however, the actions of three supporters will reignite a fierce debate in Dutch culture — which the national team have now been dragged into.

Those three — male, white, and appearing aged under 40 — were dressed as legendary midfielder Ruud Gullit, who captained the Netherlands to their only major tournament win in the 1988 Euros.

They donned his retro shirt, a dreadlocks wig — and wore blackface. The practice, an individual darkening one’s skin to impersonate a black person, is deemed as racist and offensive in many countries around the world.

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Dutch football supporters and a tradition that divides the Netherlands

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