Pedro De Matos leads the new Harcourts Petersham

Pedro De Matos is looking to expand his reach as he launches the new Harcourts Petersham.

The Announcement:

Harcourts is proud to announce the opening of its newest office, Harcourts Petersham, marking a strategic growth initiative aimed at better serving the vibrant and diverse community of Petersham.

The Harcourts Petersham team brings together an impressive, combined industry experience of over 80 years. 

The new office is led by Principal Pedro De Matos, whose career in real estate is a testament to his relentless perseverance and dedication. 

Starting from humble beginnings, Mr De Matos has built the business from scratch, transforming it into a successful enterprise that not only meets the needs of the community but also provides employment opportunities in Petersham and beyond.

“With a strong association with the Portuguese community, we are perfectly positioned to offer unparalleled service and expertise to our clients,” Mr De Matos said.

“Our decision to join Harcourts was driven by a commitment to growth and excellence. 

“By aligning with Harcourts, a globally recognised and reputable brand, we are amplifying our reach and gaining access to invaluable resources that will enhance our ability to serve our clients.

“Petersham isn’t just where we work – it’s where we belong. 

“Our long-standing presence in Petersham has allowed us to intimately understand the unique nuances of this area, its diverse culture, and the specific needs of its residents. 

“Being situated in Little Portugal isn’t just a geographical location for us; it’s a part of our identity. 

“Many of our staff hail from Portugal themselves, giving us an inherent understanding and appreciation for the community we serve.

“Our deep-rooted connections and cultural insights enable us to forge genuine relationships with clients, bridging language and cultural barriers effortlessly.”

“I am thrilled to see the expansion of our footprint into the Inner West with the opening of Harcourts Petersham,” Katrina Tarrant, CEO Harcourts NSW said.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Pedro De Matos for many years and witnessed firsthand his dedication to his local community, truly embodying our People First values,” Ms Tarrant said.

“It is an honour that Pedro has entrusted Harcourts with this exciting evolution of his business. 

“Together, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service and expertise to the vibrant and diverse community of Petersham. 

“This partnership marks a significant and exciting milestone in our growth journey, and I look forward to the continued success that lies ahead.”

Reflecting on the past, Mr De Matos said that knows that the support of his clients, the dedication of his team, and the vibrant community have been integral to his success. 

Looking to the future, he is excited to continue growing the business, serving the community, and making a positive impact in the world of real estate.

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