Preschool Paper Plate Red Barn Craft Perfect for Fall

This super cute and easy red barn craft for kids uses one of our favorite craft supplies, paper plates! Kids can transform a plain paper plate into a red barn full of autumn fun. While kids of all ages will have fun with this craft it was designed with the younger kids in mind, preschool and Kindergarten.

Let’s make a red barn craft today!

Paper Plate Barn Craft for Kids

This red barn craft works well at home of in the classroom with one kid or a group of children.

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Supplies Needed for Preschool Barn Craft

Directions for Paper Plate Barn Craft

Step 1

Step 1 - Preschool Barn craft - how to cut out your paper plate to reflect a barn shape
Let’s make a barn craft!

We started by placing one paper plate on top of the other and cut out the outline of a barn so that both paper plates are shaped the same.

Step 2

With one of the paper plate barn shapes, cut barn doors and loft doors leaving the paper plate material to be able to swing and open like a door on hinges.

Step 3

Step 3 - Preschool Barn craft -painting a red barn fall craft
Let’s paint the barn a barn color!

We used  a balled up paper towel to paint the paper plate with the doors cut into it. This can be used as a sponge painting technique or you can use a paint brush. The paper towel gave then paint an old and wrinkled feel.

Step 4

Step 4 - Preschool Barn craft -fall accessories added to the craft barn activity
Decorate your barn with farm accessories

When the painted plate  had dried, we glued the painted plate to the front of the unpainted plate.  Then add we added the symbols of fall to the red plate and behind the doors so that when you open the doors there is a surprise inside!

Finished REd Barn Paper Plate Craft

Finished barn craft - fall craft for kids on blue paper
Love how this barn craft turned out!

We had so much fun making this simple barn craft and next time we are going to theme it with just barn animals for year around bun.

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How did you make your red barn craft for kids?

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