Rep says Cartoon Network won’t disappear. The channel will continue to produce ‘great content

Talks of Cartoon Network closing down are false. The company intends to continue producing quality content, according to a representative from the company.

A representative from Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. visited the studios on Monday. It was informed by a representative of Cartoon Network Studios and Warner Bros. that the layoffs last week were related to a “restructuring of teams within animation studios” and not a merger.

A second Cartoon Network representative started on Oct. 14 to address the rumors.

“Speculations that Cartoon Network is closing down are completely false. Cartoon Network Studios moved under WBTV’s leadership and will continue to produce great content for the network as Warner Bros Animation, and beyond. Cartoon Network will premiere new and returning originals in 2023. Much of this content will also be available on HBO Max.

The statement concluded, “We aren’t going anywhere,”

After the company had to lay off 25% of its employees, 25 positions total, speculations began to circulate about possible changes to the animated cable channel.

The Verge received a memo from Warner Bros. CEO Channing Duncany in which Dungey informed staff that Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. The Verge reported that Animation will be sharing the “development and main production team” which could hurt Cartoon Network’s future.

Dungey stated in a memo that Hanna-Barbera Studios Europe and Warner Bros. were the new owners of Dungey. The Verge reported that Animation and Cartoon Network Studioswouldl continue to exist, while Sam Register will manage them all as part of the new streamlined structure.

Cartoon Network hosts popular shows such as “Teen Titans,” Rick and Morty, and The Powerpuff Girls. Yahoo! has not heard of any cancellations.

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