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Skift’s convening power means we are well positioned to facilitate leadership connections within the travel industry. Understanding our client’s needs and industry needs better than anyone else.

Skift proudly announces the launch of its newest venture – Executive Search – a bold leap into redefining leadership landscapes within the travel industry.

We are launching Skift Exec Search because of our unique positioning within the travel industry. Skift has deep rooted connections through our multiple business lines, with the companies we engage with, our most prominent sectors being hospitality, airlines and tourism which will make up the core focus for our Exec search business. This expansion allows us to tap into a convening brand power that others in Executive Search can’t compete with; it really is our USP.

Over the past 12+ years, Skift has connected thousands of travel industry leaders through our events, research, content and advisory practice. We were indirectly acting as a recruitment firm, without it being our objective at all. Having made a number of introductions/placements for executives, we wanted to create a business line that can professionalize this service and offer something more tangible to the industry. We will be helping companies dive deeper into talent pools, provide them insight into candidate motivations/trends and ultimately offer a more well rounded service that compliments their business.

In a world where leadership plays a pivotal role in steering organizations through unprecedented challenges, Skift recognizes the importance of fostering the best talent. Our Executive Search division aims to address the growing demand for skilled and visionary leaders within the travel sector. We are proud that we will be helping to shape the travel industry by placing the executives who define its future.

We have a fresh approach with no legacy issues to navigate; we have implemented the latest recruitment technology and brought in Steve Browne to lead and grow this business for us. Steve spent the last decade recruiting senior travel leaders across the globe, most recently at Venari Partners where he led the Travel, Hospitality & logistics practice . His sector expertise aligns amazingly well with Skift’s target audience. 

We would love the industry to get behind us as we now officially go live. If you are planning on hiring executive talent for your business in 2024 do reach out, we would love to discuss how we can work together. 

To learn more about each of our search offerings visit our Executive Search page.

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