Skip Counting Learning Activity for Kids with Owl Theme

Today we are learning about skip counting using one of our favorite kids crafts. Skip counting is an essential math skill that requires practice to master. We love skip counting games and activities because they add a bunch of fun to math at home or in the classroom. Kids of all ages, whether they’re toddler, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, will benefit from this skip counting activity.

Let’s learn to skip count with these cute owls!

Skip Counting Activity for Kids

Skip counting is a foundational skill to a variety of math concepts. We have started counting by twos and threes at my house. We have used a variety of materials to practice skip counting at home. Buttons and blocks are favorites.

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For this skip counting activity, we started by making this easy owl craft. <–grab the instructions here!

How To Make An Owl To Use For Skip Counting

skip counting owls black and green and orange on a brown and black background

Don’t worry, these owls are easy to make! Click here to learn how to make this super easy owl craft using cupcake liners. These little owls are easy to make, budget-friendly, and will get your preschooler or kindergartener excited about learning how to skip count.

Skip Counting Practice for Kids

  1. Make the owl craft (or use animals or pictures of animals you have at home).
  2. We place owls on a tree branch and talked about the parts of the owls we were going to use for skip counting.
  3. Counting by Twos: Each owl had two eyes, two wings, and two feet. We would use those elements to count by twos.
  4. Counting by Threes: Then we counted their feet and found that they had three claws on each foot.
skip counting cupcake owls on a black background- yellow and pink owls to learn skip counting with

Learning to Count With Skips

After we were aware of what we would be counting, we counted each element:

  • My son touched each area we were counting as we counted. For example: He put his finger between each owl’s eyes as we counted eyes by two.
  • It was a lot of fun to work on skip counting with our homemade owls. Our owls tended to move around on the tree limb as we counted. If your child would benefit from having the owls be more stationary, you can glue the owls in place or line them up on a stick you might find outside your home.

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How did your kids enjoy the skip counting activity?

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