Talking Tech at Cultivate’24: A Preview of Three Panel Discussions

When making decisions on how to incorporate new technologies into your greenhouse business, it helps to get a range of perspectives and advice. During Cultivate’24, there are a number of panel discussions on the schedule that address artificial intelligence, greenhouse controls, and more.

Greenhouse Climate Control: Sensors and Control Strategies (Saturday)

Effective greenhouse management requires good understanding of sensors and climate control strategies. Recent technological advancement in controlled-environment agriculture expanded the range of sensors available for greenhouse growers and the access to more sophisticated algorithms such as artificial intelligence (AI). This symposium will provide participants with foundational information about sensors and control strategies for crop production in greenhouses. The presenters will review common sensors used to measure key environmental parameters including light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, and root zone conditions. In addition, participants will learn how the sensor readings can be used to provide optimum growing conditions for crops grown in greenhouses. Two additional lectures will be presented that cover novel environmental control strategies based on crop growth models and AI. Industry professionals (beginners) in greenhouse and indoor farms are encouraged to register.

Using Smart Technology & Artificial Intelligence in Your Operation (Saturday)

Tailored for greenhouse and nursery growers, this session features industry trailblazers sharing insights on integrating technology into cultivation. Explore practical applications and learn how AI enhances crop management. A panel of experienced growers reveals firsthand experiences, offering valuable tips for staying ahead in the industry. Don’t miss this chance to revolutionize your approach to horticulture in a concise and impactful session, where innovation meets cultivation expertise.

Biostimulants Are an Ally for Better Water Utilization in Plants

AI in Horticulture: Key Findings and Practical Application of AI in Horticulture (Monday)

This session is presented by members of the HRI Leadership Academy Class of 2025. As part of their LEAD Project (a year-long assignment where participants Learn and research an industry issue, Engage with their team and others, Adopt a position and solution, and Deliver an analysis and recommendations), this group explored the insurgence of AI in the market and assessed how this technology can be adapted and integrated into horticultural businesses. They will address key findings from their research, AI uses in horticulture, ethics and applications, as well as how to build a Chatbot that will work for you.

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