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We’re redefining travel leadership search with the finesse of a concierge and the foresight of a seasoned globetrotter — because in this industry, innovation starts with who’s at the helm.

In the dynamic world of travel and hospitality, the demand for innovative leadership has never been higher. As companies adapt to rapid technological advancements and changing consumer behaviors, the need for skilled executives who can navigate these complexities is crucial.

Recognizing this critical need, we launched our Exec Search division, a new business line to help travel companies and those adjacent to travel, hire the best talent for their team. In less than six months, we have already worked with some of the biggest brands, identifying and placing top-tier talent in key positions across the industry. It’s been a fast start to say the least.

We are steadfast in our decision to build our own practice instead of merging or acquiring an established search firm, as it sets us apart from the crowd. We aren’t just another recruitment firm, on the outside looking in – trying but never fully being able to comprehend the ins and outs of the industry.

We have a rare vantage point, covering the industry through the consumer lens, connecting the dots between all of the different sectors. As such, we know the latest technology innovations, marketing trends, and investment moves, and what’s needed to stay ahead. One of those things – arguably the most important thing – is having the right folks on your team to evolve your brand.

Here’s our rationale for why we broke into the Exec Search space:

  • Our understanding of the travel industry is unrivaled. We think more creatively about its growth and potential, which gives us a competitive edge when it comes to sourcing talent.
  • It’s fun. Placing travel leaders is rewarding. We were already doing it on an informal basis, launching Skift Exec Search is a way to professionalize the service and allow us to help more companies.
  • Exec search is vital to seeing the industry progress and ultimately succeed. We believe travel is the greatest industry in the world, and we are committed to serving it.
  • We can provide a service level that taps into the catalog of Skift products to ensure that every candidate we place is set up for success, such as providing hires with a complimentary annual access to Skift Pro’s daily news coverage.

We specialize at the senior end of the market, recruiting from VP level to C-suite and Board positions, covering roles globally. Learn more.

Steve Browne is leading this initiative for us and he has started building out his team. We are excited to watch this grow and are poised to make a big impact in the travel industry.

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