XRP ready to soar? Key signals point to a major breakout!

  • XRP shows potential for a bullish breakout, with RSI and MACD indicators signaling growing momentum.
  • Mixed social sentiment and a neutral Fear and Greed Index indicate that robust bullish control remains uncertain.

Ripple [XRP] has been dancing between the bulls and the bears, not quite picking a side to align with. Investors have been expecting a breakout from XRP, especially with the market trends and regulatory environment working in its favor.

Finally, indicators are starting to show a strong potential for that.

The XRP/USD chart reflects the end of a consolidative pattern, indicating an ongoing tug-of-war between buyers (bulls) and sellers (bears). The RSI has been hovering around the 60 mark, suggesting a slight bullish momentum without reaching overbought conditions.

The MACD line is above the signal line and both are trending upward, also indicating growing bullish momentum.

Considering the current price oscillating around $0.52, immediate resistance can be spotted near the $0.53 level, a point that has seen multiple rejections over the last few days. 

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Source: TradingView

If XRP can sustainably breach this level, it could trigger further buying, potentially targeting the next resistance around $0.55. Meanwhile, XRP’s exchange reserve has decreased over the past week.

XRP Ledger Exchange Reserve Binance SMA 7 1XRP Ledger Exchange Reserve Binance SMA 7 1

Source: CryptoQuant

XRP Ledger Exchange Reserve Binance SMA 7XRP Ledger Exchange Reserve Binance SMA 7Sharp decreases in these reserves generally suggest a reduction in selling/bearish pressure or potential accumulation by holders, which can precede price increases if demand remains steady or grows.

XRP whales remain ever so interested, as Whale Alert reports nearly $30 million in XRP accumulated over the past twenty-four hours. However, XRP’s decrease in social volume, coupled with a lack of sustained high levels of social activity, might mean that a bullish breakout driven by social hype is less likely in the immediate term.

XRP Ledger XRP 12.31.42 30 May 2024XRP Ledger XRP 12.31.42 30 May 2024

Source: Santiment

Realistic or not, here’s XRP’s market cap in BTC’s terms

The Ripple Fear and Greed Index for XRP currently stands at 42%, indicating a Neutral market sentiment.

However, the mix of very negative sentiments in key areas like dominance, whale activity, and search interest combined with the overall neutral market sentiment suggests that while there is some social optimism, XRP bulls are still too weak to take control.

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Source: CFGI

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