Your Kids Can Play Hide and Seek with Twinkling, Battery-Operated Fireflies

This chasing fireflies game might just be the cutest thing ever!! We all, or a lot of us, grew up chasing fireflies growing up. But now your kids can do the same with this fun chasing fireflies game. Kids of all ages, and families, will love this chasing fireflies game as it will get the whole family moving and playing together this summer. Summer evenings are about to get a whole lot more fun!

How cute are the little light up fireflies?!

Chasing Fireflies Game

I was browsing ideas online for this to get to entertain my kids for summer and I came across this adorable Chasing Fireflies Kids Game. And as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get it for them.

Growing up my sisters and I loved chasing fireflies. Unfortunately the area I live in doesn’t have as many fireflies, so I thought this would be a great close second. And to be honest I am excited to play this chasing fireflies game with my kids.

It’s a fun twist of nostalgia that most of us adults grew up with and I like to think when my kids are older they’ll look back at us playing the chasing fireflies game every time they think about fireflies! It’s like a fun twist on tradition kind of. Running around barefoot on a summer evening try to catch the fireflies!

What Does Your Chasing Fireflies Game Come With?

Chasing Fireflies Game box set with jars and battery operated fireflies with 2019 game of the year award
This is the game of shine and seek!

This game allows your kids to play hide and seek with twinkling, battery-operated fireflies. Cute, right?! Each firefly needs 3 AG13 (LR44) batteries to work. Which luckily come in 3 packs. But each firefly also has an on off switch so you’re not wasting the batteries. Plus, they come with batteries so it’s not something you have to worry about right away.

Each set comes with 1 green jar with 5 green fireflies, 1 blue jar with 5 blue fireflies, 30 AG3 batteries and a set of instructions.

How Does The Chasing Fireflies Game Work?

Chasing fireflies game being held by a little boy- green light up firefly
Look how these fireflies light up!

Simply turn on the adorable lightning bugs and hide them around your yard at night.

Chasing fireflies game sitting on a wood table with kids sitting on a porch
Kids of all ages will love searching for these fireflies on a summer evening.

The kids will have a blast playing hide and seek to find these twinkling fireflies! It is the perfect night game if you ask me!

Chasing fireflies game being played with by 2 boys and 2 girls putting the light up fireflies in a jar
Multiple players can play this chasing fireflies game.

The best part is this chasing fireflies game is great for kids of all ages as this game is designed for kids 3 years and up! So toddlers, preschoolers, elementary aged kids, and even older kids can have fun playing together.

Where To Buy This Super Fun and Awesome Chasing Fireflies Game

Chasing fireflies game being played with by 3 boys and 2 girls walking around outside
You can get your own chasing fireflies game for only $34.

You can get this Chasing Fireflies Game on Amazon for just $34 here.

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What do you think about this fun chasing fireflies game? Have you played it before?

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