Post-halving Bitcoin prices: ‘Ignore the noise,’ exec advises, as…

  • Bitcoin’s recent volatility sparks debate over its investment potential.
  • The impact of halving on revenue underscores the need for efficient resource management.

As the Bitcoin [BTC] halving countdown begins, hearts are all pumped to see what happens next.

Needless to say, despite each cycle being its own unique beast, the fourth halving seems to be mirroring some familiar patterns of the past. 

According to CoinMarketCap, the leading cryptocurrency is flashing all red in its daily and weekly price charts, which is usually observed before the halving event.  

What’s behind Bitcoin’s volatility?

Shedding light on Bitcoin’s recent volatility, Anthony Pompliano, Pomp Investments founder and partner, in a recent conversation with CNBC, noted, 

Bitcoin is crashing to $64,000, was a dream just a few years ago…Since the last halving to today, about four years, we’re up by about 800%. So, it’s been an incredible performance” 

Diving further in the conversation and comparing BTC to the traditional asset, gold. Pompliano further added, 

“This year, year to date, Bitcoin is up by about 40%. Compare that to gold- it’s up by 7%, year to date. In the last 5 years, it’s only up by about 11%.”

With his remarks, Pompliano, highlights gold’s diminished purchasing power over five years, questioning its efficacy against inflation hedge versus Bitcoin.  

In contrast to Pompliano’s opinion, Peter Schiff, in his recent X (Formerly Twitter) post noted, 

“Bitcoin is trading below 26 ounces of gold. That’s a 30% decline from its record-high set 2.5 years ago.” 

These differing viewpoints underscore the ongoing debate about Bitcoin’s significance in the global financial landscape. 

How should miners proceed with Bitcoin halving? 

Additionally, outlining the perspective of miners regarding the upcoming Bitcoin halving event and its impact on their operations, Greg Beard the CEO of Stronghold Digital Mining said, 

“Your revenue is about to be cut in half because that’s what the having means, the reward will go from 900 coins a day down to 450. 

He added, 

“Maybe we’ll see a decrease in the number of people competing for those rewards. So, we could see an increase in the hash rate.” 

This underscores the critical importance of efficient resource allocation and cost management for miners to remain competitive in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

Way forward

Despite the consequences, Pompliano expresses confidence in Bitcoin’s potential, citing decreasing volatility as a sign of market maturation. He also predicts limited downside risk and potential price surge for the next 12 months, claiming

“Ignore the noise of short-term price movements.” 

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